[HIVE] Gift Guide: Week 1


The Holiday season is upon us and that means equal feelings of warmth...and panic. While it can be so simple to tell your friends, parents, and great aunt exactly what you want this Christmas, it is that time again to try to unearth the perfect gift for all of your loved ones that isn't just a different color of the designer scarf you got them last year.

Instead of spending the entire month of December agonizing over what to get each person, let's focus on who each person is and their specific personality. What do you get the techie that seems to have all of the gadgets already? The fastidious fashion aficionado? The local foodie? The avid art collector? The comfort-loving homebody?

The [HIVE] at Untitled has you covered! Look through week 1 of our gift guide to find one-of-a-kind, thoughtful gifts made by local artists and artisans that are sure to please every personality on your list.

1. Sallye Mann Silver Cuffs, from $150.00

2. Ty Illgen Ceramic Mugs, $18.00

3. Kiss of the Wolf Cashmere Scarf, $325.00

4. The Prairie Gypsies Jams & Dressing, $7.50 each

5. Kenny Cage Steel Tumbleweed Sculpture, $60.00

6. Jim Weaver Leather Catch-All, $50.00

7. Donna Prigmore Skull Motif Ceramics, from $5.00

8. Dan Garrett Steel Cubes, from $90.00

9. Janet O'Neal Accent Pillow, $75.00

10. Diane Coady Hand-dyed Silk Jacket, $198.00

11. Elizabeth Richards Fabric Christmas Cards, $8.00 each

Items can be purchased in-store or by calling 405.815.9995. Don't forget to check back next week for round 2 of our [HIVE] gift picks!