Exquisite Corpse

60+ Local Artists

Celebrating the Surrealist Movement

On view: October 31st - November, 24th

Opening Reception: October 31st, 5-8 PM


The exhibition

The Exquisite Corpse Exhibition Follows the spirit of collaboration and inventiveness of the surrealist movement by bringing together Oklahoma’s art community for an assembled-art experience. Over 60 local artists collaborated to bring the Exquisite Corpse Exhibition to life. 

Originally invented by surrealists in the early 1900s, the exquisite corpse is a game in which players write on a sheet of paper, fold it to conceal part of the writing, and then pass it to the next player for further contribution. Throughout the decades, the game has evolved into many meanings and themes, and here at ARTSPACE, our exquisite corpse resides as a collaborative exhibition and fundraiser.


For the exhibition, 20 individual artists were asked to draw three pieces of the corpse in black-and-white, making a whole body. Those pieces were then distributed to 40+ different local artists to create colorful, imaginative figures with the pre-existing outlines. Many of the pieces are mixed-media, with artists utilizing materials ranging from fabrics, paper collage and sequins to paint, ink and charcoal. The completed pieces were mixed-and-matched and are displayed in the curated exhibition of the Exquisite Corpse at ARTSPACE from October 31st to November 24th.

These collaborative artworks are available for purchase in both original and reproduction form! Buy a curated exquisite corpse from the exhibition or create your own corpse print reproduction on either paper or metal.

Our Exquisite Corpse Mix-and-Match Flip Book tells all about the history of the exhibition. Mix and match the heads, torsos and legs of each corpse to create infinite possibilities. $25

Exquisite Corpse All Hallow’s Eve Celebration and Auction

The Exquisite Corpse All Hallow’s Eve Celebration and Auction was a complete hit! We ate, we drank, we danced and we sung karaoke till 12:30 in the morning! Thank you to the artists who generously offered up their work for this exhibition, the volunteers for helping the night run so smoothly and the donors and sponsors for allowing us to put on this event! Without the help of all of you, the evening would not have been possible. Because of the OKC community, we can continue providing free programming for all, while benefitting OKC High School students through our Mentorship Program.

A collaborative exhibition With 60+ local artists

Ginger Adair

Arni Anderson

Bryan Boone

Betty Bowen Hancock

Krystle Brewer

Mackenzie Brim

Deborah Burian

Annalisa Campbell

Bryan Dahlvang

Adrienne Day

Emma Difani

Annette Ford

Molly Frisby

Lucy Garth

Martin Hallren

Erin Harris

Julia Hawkey

Gary Heerwald

Jackie Henry

Allison Hix

Lawrence Hultberg

Angela Jessup

Jennifer Johnson

Allin KHG

MC Lafayette

Tania Landers

Van Lango

Darci Lenker

Rosie Leonard

Trace Logan

Harolyn Long

Jon Martinez

Cindy Mason

Vanessa Massey

Michelle Metcalfe

Ric Miller

Nicole Moan

Aztrid Moan

Regina Murphy

Robin O. Starke

Mabrie Ormes

George Oswalt

Sharon Owsley

Christina Partiaglioni

Ronna Pernell

Jessica Petrus

Rob Phenix

Christina Pickard

Torin Salter

Virginia Sitzes

Sterlin Smith

Aspen Sutherland

Barbara Thomas

Allison Thompson

Leigh Tomlin

Jarica Walsh

BJ White

George Wilson

Troy Wilson

John Wolfe

Jenny Woodruff

Ginger Adair