Greg Burns:

A Collection of Contemporary Watercolors

On view: December 6th - January 19th

Opening Reception: December 6th, 5-8 PM

Closing Reception: January 17th, 5-8 PM


The exhibition

GREG BURNS is an Oklahoma artist utilizing ink and watercolor to capture finely detailed scenes and locations. The finality of this process once the media is committed to the paper is why he loves the decisiveness of working with these mediums. Through years of honing his craft, he has learned to be incredibly patient, allowing for the painting to slowly piece itself together with each ink mark and brush stroke.

His creative practice and approach to his work evokes emotion and a sense of longing for a time or place. Burns is known in Oklahoma for his portraits of historic homes, interior scenes and buildings, capturing the heritage of these architectural works of art. He also finds value in the nostalgia and story behind seemingly everyday structures. Burns feels called to visually communicate the human presence and personal stories of the lives that lived in these buildings or spaces.

We are thrilled at Artspace to be exhibiting not only these traditionally associated works, but also his new contemporary renderings. Greg Burns has recently been exploring a range of subject matter and we look forward to showcasing a variety of watercolors from his time spent in Florida and New Mexico etc. With the creative opportunity this exhibition presents, Burns will be introducing many new and unseen pieces that expand beyond his previous depictions.

The exhibiting artist received a BFA in Fine Art from the University of Oklahoma in 1971. He has won numerous art competitions and awards throughout his creative career, one most notably the Governor’s Art Award for Oklahoma in 1978. Burns was a member of the OK State Arts Council and the Oklahoma City Arts Commission. He is passionately involved in the local creative community and has worked at Artspace with our high school students enrolled in the Mentorship Program. Greg Burns has traveled widely and has work depicting not only his home state, New Mexico and Florida, but also Colorado, Europe and Africa. His work is admired and collected throughout the United States and abroad.