Elizabeth Brown's Delicate Reciprocity


January 13- February 25, 2006

Elizabeth Brown's work in her exhibit Delicate Reciprocity represented the residue of her personal exploration of connection. Brown stated that her pieces were inspired from "the landscape of human interaction." She worked with cloth, wood and dye to create the pieces featured in the exhibit.

My art is an active process of connecting my daily experiences with my thoughts. It is material understanding and metaphoric expression inextricably bound together.

I see humans as organic images, moving patterns made corporeal. I study the methods of our elegant patterns of communication. In the moments of our connection with each other, our thoughts and experiences take physical shape. Visual language provides the ground where my systems, models, and ways of knowing - the human experience - become tangible substance. This substance provides both structure and fluidity. 

The crisp geometry of wooden boxes and flat shelves contrast with found organic objects: branches, rocks and stones. Their containment and uniformity pose questions about implied boundaries. Cloth when mixed with plaster, and covering torqued boxes creates a solid texture that belies its previous flowing nature. Mirrored and connected in form, these boxes illustrate our social relationships. When grouped together, the undulating surfaces define a social landscape, a pattern of containment and integration. 

I contemplate the qualities of human existence and our social interactions. Through my art I intend to give these thoughts concrete form. This process is a flow between the manifestation of my senses and the reflection of my mind. 

- Elizabeth Brown, artist