greg burns

a collection of contemporary watercolors

December 6th-January 19th


The exhibition

Greg Burns is an Oklahoma artist who utilizes ink and watercolor to capture finely detailed scenes and locations. There is a finality of working within these mediums, and there is a decisive element within his artistic practice. Through the years of honing his craft, Burns has learned patience, allowing for the painting to slowly piece itself together with each ink mark and brush stroke.

The paintings on display in the main gallery are part of a southwest series; the artist’s newest collection of contemporary watercolors that focus on his travels throughout New Mexico. ARTSPACE at Untitled is fortunate to display these pieces that have never been shown before. Many of the paintings on display feature the desert landscape and the adobe architecture famously attributed to the state. Although the subject matter is traditional in terms of landscape, Burns can bring life into his compositions through his vivid color and dynamic arrangement of space.

Burns’ creative practice evokes emotion and a sense of longing for time and place. He is known in Oklahoma for his portraits of historic homes, as well as his interior scenes and buildings. Therefore, in addition to his new work, we have displayed older historical pieces that are true to the reputation that he has built as an artist. Throughout his career as an artist, Greg Burns has consistently captured the heritage of the architectural structures he chooses as subjects. Within his pieces, there is a value in nostalgia as well as the story behind everyday structures.

Greg Burns is an accomplished Oklahoma artist who has won numerous art competitions and awards throughout his creative career, Notably the Governor’s Art Award for Oklahoma in 1971. Burns has been a member of the Oklahoma State Arts Council and the Oklahoma City Arts Commission. He has been a driving force in our creative community for over four decades and continuously gives back to the younger generation. Greg Burns has been an inspiration to the high school students in our Mentorship program, who had the opportunity to watch him work on the Devon Tower piece in the exhibition.

It is an honor for ARTSPACE at Untitled to display Greg Burns; A Series of Contemporary Watercolors. Presenting this impressive new series alongside the historic works fulfills our mission as a contemporary art center and our endeavor to bring art to life. His strength within the medium of watercolors is apparent, and there is much to learn from both the technique and concept of his practice.