Jonathan Hils's New Work


November 7, 2003 - January 3, 2004

New Work by Jonathan Hils presented his simplified sculptural pieces of welded steel, wood, wire mesh and epoxy.

"My particular attraction toward art has always been engaged by the process of construction and understanding the developing relationships between the natural or organic and the scientific or industrious where locales, beliefs and attractions are discerned within contemporary life.

Outside of a yearning to understand place, belonging, and identity, there is a belief in elements, materials and structures that interact on universal levels to define existence and unanimity. I'm intrigued by the integration (assimilation) and, at the same time, nullification of nature/organic by our technologically driven culture. I do not see my work as sentimental to this end, but rather pointing toward the inherent desire to strike a balance between advancement, its consequences, and the constantly changing awareness of our perceptions of our environment and history.

My work deliberately utilizes craft, or the notion of crafting as it pertains to organization, control, and time. My employment of, or allusion to, craft spans the practical notion of 'work' and the conceptual debate of  'art' (or craft as a conceptual dictate for sculpture). Craft has been an integral part of my history as I experienced watching my parents, uncles and aunts work with fibers, clay and wood. I do feel a certain sense of urgency towards aspects of 'making' and 'working' that are quickly being replaced or displaced through rampant technological acceptance within society.

The connections to craft presents certain working processes that speak to repetition, obsessive tendencies and persistence; basic human and natural motivations for evolution (generally out of necessity). Some of my work is produced through literally welding thousands of small pieces of steel wire together or making thousands of marks in wax or wrapping material hundreds of times."

- Jonathan W. Hils, artist