Marc Barker's New Work


November 7, 2003 - January 3, 2004

Marc Barker uses dark, silhouetted figures to explore the individual's relationship to other people, a divine being and existence itself in a show of quietly thought-provoking oil on Masonite paintings and monotypes.

"The artist is Marc Barker, and his work on view with a selection of simplified sculptural creations in welded steel, wood, wire mesh and epoxy by Norman artist Jonathan Hils.

A resident of Oklahoma City who has been a faculty member at the University of Central Oklahoma, Barker co-founded Cosus Interactive, a city-based communications company in 1995 for the Vectrix Corp. of Dallas. 

One of Barker's works with religious overtones is Last Supper, a horizontally hung oil of 13 silhouetted head-and shoulder-figures, placed at angles, who seem to be looking away from us at something happening in the light-filled space behind them. 

Similar, at least in terms of compositional elements, are the nine 8-by-10-inch oils that collectively make up a work by Barker with the intriguing title No One is Your Friend; No One is Your Enemy; Everyone is Your Teacher.

Group dynamics and interpersonal relationships are explored in Barker's small oil of a lightly shaded, upside-down figure at the top of the composition that becomes an Outcast relative to a row of three darker figures at the bottom.

A giant head looks down on a nude, sleeping, recumbent female in Barker's Voyer - a work that takes its title from a French word which means 'to see' rather than from the English word 'voyeur.'

A relative pale, mysterious figure, balancing precariously, upside-down, on top of the dark head of a standing man represents God in Barker's Homo cum Deo - a small oil that is replicated in two larger digital reproductions.

A dark head with teeth, which a lighter rectangle emphasizes, becomes a Scary Face in one Barker monotype, while a second monotype of a shadowy head has the gently satiric title Thank God Jesus Was a Liberal.

The Barker and Hils exhibits are recommended during their run at Untitled, where they will be displayed along with the Jasper Johns: Four Decades of Prints show."

- John Brandenburg, NewsOK