Multiple Views x7


April 13 - June 16, 2001

 "I’ve always made art that related to what was going on inside of me.  These are the most honest things I’ve ever done." - Dan Mayo

"Marionettes on a stage appear to move in various ways, but in fact it is not they who really move – they are manipulated by strings.  When these strings are broken, the marionettes fall and are dashed to pieces.  What holds the parts together is the mind.  This mind must not be disclosed to the audience.  If it is seen, it is as if a marionettes’ strings were visible.  The mind must be like the strings, which hold together all the powers of the arts." - Michi Susan

"My background is in painting, and I feel that my three-dimensional work is a continuation or unfolding of that work.  When I paint or draw on a two dimensional surface, my goal is to create an interesting sense of space; now in working three dimensionally as well, my ideal is to fill space with an interesting sense of movement and joy." - Robin Orbach Starke

"The eight elements of art: line, value, color, pattern, texture, volume, shape, and space.

In my work I explore order, ritual, and irony.  I explore these ideas with the eight elements listed above." - Kathy Stovall

"Order from chaos, chaos from order---two concepts that underlie my penchant for working in paper collage.  I am always fascinated at the visual combinations possible by the simple manipulation of bits of paper." - Rebecca Piercey

Dan Mayo, Kathy Stovall, Rebecca Piercey, Michi Susan, Robin Orbach Starke, and B.J. White.