Naida Seibel's New Work


March 5 - May 1, 2004

"My  hope is that my creations capture the human spirit and our
relationship to nature in a unique and sometimes humorous way.
While my work is constantly evolving I think there is also a continuity
to it that has lasted through the years."

A reoccurring theme in Seibel’s work is the relationship of the human spirit to nature. “My creations capture this relationship in a unique and sometimes humorous way,” says Seibel. “Most of my work is clay sculpture. My appreciation for clay as a medium stems from its warm color and earthly quality. Over the years I have been modeling the human figure with various expressions and in many shapes and sizes.” One example is the image of a bird found frequently with the human figure in Seibel’s sculptures. “After moving to the mountains outside Santa Fe, I was frequently visited by the ravens that lived nearby and I began incorporating bird images in my work,” says Seibel.