About Postcard Perspectives

ARTSPACE at Untitled debuts Postcard Perspectives as a collaborative exhibition in Oklahoma City. Throughout this international mail art project, thousands of original artworks are made and donated by international & local artists, designers, art students, teachers and YOU. Please share your perspective with this opportunity to make a postcard in partnership with artists around the world.

Due to the positive reception of the postcard perspectives project, we have distributed all 5,000 printed postcards for our inaugural 2019 exhibition. ARTSPACE plans to turn this mail-art project into an annual exhibition and fundraiser; We invite you to sign up with your email and receive notification for the 2020 participation call.

For participating artists:

  1. Fill the information requested on the back of each postcard

  2. Create a work of art on each postcard, feel free to use any technique (Collage, digital print, pencil, watercolor, etc.) Don’t use glitter, charcoal, or pastel please.

  3. Mail the stack back to ARTSPACE, you have until October 1st. Return your stack to us as soon as possible, so your postcards can be promoted on our webpage and social media!

DEADLINE: October 1st, 2019

*By entering in ARTSPACE at Untitled’s Postcard Perspectives, you HEREBY grant ARTSPACE permission to use your work, name, and other information for promotional materials regarding the event. If you have concerns regarding this agreement, please contact us at artspace@1ne3.org.