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Stop in for a quick gift, shop jewelry collections or find fresh new accessories —or just walk our gallery and be inspired. These works include textiles, jewelry, ceramics, glass, furniture, and small home decor objects. Inspired by the gallery, the intent for the [HIVE] is to bring the beauty and quality of exhibitions to your everyday life. Rather than buying something mass-produced, come to the [HIVE] to find a locally made piece to complete your fashion ensemble, living room, or collection of artwork. 

Open during normal operating hours & during special events.

Bees of the Hive

Darci Lenker | matt parsons | beatriz Mayorca | Agnes Stadler | Lanny Feigenschuh | Lisa Allswede | Taylor Painter-Wolfe | Paul Medina | Dan Garrett | Maggie Rogers | Kathryn Woodard | Adam Lanman | Susie Clinard | Michelle Metcalfe | Andy Boatman | Don Narcomey | Regina MurphY | Taryn Singleton | George Wilson | Whitney Forsyth | Suzanne Randall | LaVeryl Lower | Sherry Laureti | Michi Susan | Naida Seibel | Nic Annette Miller | Marc Barker | Jan Tindale | Klint Schor | Deborah Brackenbury | MJ Smith | Elizabeth Richards | Claudia Wylie | Birthe Flexner | Elyse Bogart | Rick + Tracy Bewley | David Phelps | Lori Bacigalupi | Huda Hashim | Jarica Walsh, Debbie Whitacre | Kenny McCage | Christie Hackler | Erin Merryweather | Karen Rose | Ellen Maxwell

Featured Bee: Ty Illgen


My name is Ty Illgen, I am 18 years old and my passion is ceramics. I have been working with clay for three years. I love all art forms, I see it as a way to express the things you can't express through words. Expression through art helps me discover things about myself I didn't know. My favorite form of art is ceramics, because many times you make things with a utilitarian purpose. It's amazing knowing people are using an extension of yourself. My art is inspired by the people and the experiences around me. Much like sitting and shaping clay on a wheel, clay has shaped me and who I am.


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