cafe society


Café Society brings the public and the art community together to explore topics related to art, music, architecture, film, design, and the visual and performing arts. These ongoing conversations strengthen ties and build creative bridges between artists and the local community. Café Society gatherings, as well as all exhibitions, are always free and open to the public.


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Art Forums

Art Forums, a lecture and discussion series, are open to everyone and held throughout the year to explore topics related to art, architecture and design.


40 Minutes or Less

In partnership with the OKC Film Society, 40 Minutes or Less presents independent, arthouse, and avant-garde short films. This program brings filmmakers, industry professionals, and the public together to engage in an ongoing dialogue about visual culture and the moving image.Discover & discuss short films with us every other month.

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Community Spirit

Community Spirit meets the second Thursday of every month, providing an after-work locale for people to meet their neighbors and discuss events & ideas in an artistic environment.





previous speakers

Philip Van Keuren | Mandy Messina | Richard McKown | Tony Devine | David Crismon | Madihah Janjua | Skyline Ink Animation Studios | Jane Vincent Taylor | Pam Rubert | Julius Shulman | Wendell Burnett | Michelle Martin | Lacye Swilley Russell | Joe Ramiro | Brandon Reese | Chris Sharpley | Michael Rotondi | Hans Breder | Ebon Fisher | Dana Cuff | Michael Benedikt | Bill Goldston, ULAE | Jack Lemmon | Flatbed Press | Lawrence Lithography | Sarah atlee | danny joe rose III | BJ WHITE