city sounds

Celebrating music in the deep deuce neighborhood


City Sounds celebrates the sound of Oklahoma City as art, bringing in diverse musical genres such as classical, jazz, blues, avant garde, and more in a unique live atmosphere. 



Previous City Sounds Artists

  • Tony Foster Jr. Band

  • John Winston & Ziggy Lotus

  • Chanda Graham & Friends

  • Red Club & The Mullaly Trio

  • Walter Taylor III

  • Phil Brown

  • Tajj & Shy Trio

  • Third Coast Audio

  • Mason Williams and Byron Berline Band

  • Larry Moore Quartet

  • Beatrice Cole

  • Suzanne Hackel and Sundra Flansburg Flute Duet

  • A Touch of Class String Quartet

  • Thanksgiving

  • The Watery Graves

  • ClusterChord

  • Improv Classical Trio

  • Brian Joseph

  • The Novelist