city sounds


City Sounds celebrates the sound of Oklahoma City as art, bringing in diverse musical genres such as classical, jazz, blues, avant garde, and more in a unique live atmosphere. 



Previous City Sounds Artists

  • Tony Foster Jr. Band

  • John Winston & Ziggy Lotus

  • Chanda Graham & Friends

  • Red Club & The Mullaly Trio

  • Walter Taylor III

  • Phil Brown

  • Tajj & Shy Trio

  • Third Coast Audio

  • Mason Williams and Byron Berline Band

  • Larry Moore Quartet

  • Beatrice Cole

  • Suzanne Hackel and Sundra Flansburg Flute Duet

  • A Touch of Class String Quartet

  • Thanksgiving

  • The Watery Graves

  • ClusterChord

  • Improv Classical Trio

  • Brian Joseph

  • The Novelist