Steamroller Print Fest

Saturday, April 27th, 2019

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ThIS yearly one-day festival features the printing of large-scale wood blocks with a 5 ton Steamroller on the day of the event.

The 2019 Steamroller Festival took place on Saturday, April 27th and included 150 woodblock artists and 20 artist vendors! This yearly festival celebrates the vibrant Deep Deuce district and the local artists that are integral to the OKC art community. This one day Steamroller Festival is ARTSPACE at Untitled’s largest community event of the year bringing over a thousand people from several states. A 5 ton asphalt paving machine we refer to as our steamroller is loaned to us every year by Silver Star Construction and allows participating artists to print their large woodblocks on to Tyvek paper. Visitors also see various artists demonstrating printmaking techniques as well as bringing their children to our Children’s Tent where they print their own designs on t-shirts. While you are walking through the event you see artists exhibiting fine art and craft, listen to local musicians performing and enjoy the diversity of food and drinks by local establishments. Mark your calendars for the 2020 Steamroller Print Festival on Saturday April 25, 2020!


Thank you to our sponsors!


Woodblock artists:

Susan Agee
Sarah Anderson
Aubrey Andrews
Charmaine Arongay
Edgar Arras
Eva Arroyo
Riley Birdwell
Rachel Blitz
Betty Bondy
Zack Bradley
Autumn Brown
Kiley Browning
Caden Caldwell
Kassy Calhoun
Paula Cardenas
Carrisma Carrion
Miranda Chisholm
Alicia Clark
Aimee Coker
Kari Collier
Keirstin Collins
Kjelshus Collins
Rebecca Collins
Avril Cowo
Kiana Daneshmand
Gerald Davis
Mikel Davison
Adrienne Day
Shelby Dean
Johnny DeLucia
Emma Difani
Benji Dodson
Calee Douthitt
David Douthitt
Denise Duong
Alex Emmons
Nick Fleck
Amalia Fox
Jennifer G
Vivian Garcia
Aubrey Ginsterblum
Leslie Glenn
Alexa Goetzinger
Laneta Going
Catherine Gosney

Akayah Grant
Fernando Guerrero
Yulisa Guevara
Claudia Heckman
MJ Henderson-Smith
Leslie Hennesee
Mycah Higley
Azul Huarta
Ashley Hubbard
Hanna Hunt
Breadcrumbs Ink
Kaylan Jeremiah
Julissa Jimenez
Rachel Kearny
Julia Keele
Spoorthy Kethireddy
Mike Kimball
Allegra Knight
Ashley LaFon
Oanh Le
Cameron Lewis
Cayla Lewis
Trace Logan
America Lopez
Bailey Lowe
Hayden Magar
Irene Mann
Val Manriquez
Michelle Martinez
Mercedez McCall
Aiden McDonald
Stephanie Medrano
Arlet Melgarejo
Richard Miller
Aztrid Moan
Mercedez Moore
Sonya Mueller
Phi Nguyen
Nick Norsworthy
Lauren ODonley
Abby Oldham
Kennedy Parker
Shannon Perrin
OSU Printmaking
Jose Reyes
Emily Reynolds

Kelsey Richmond
Ariana Rios
Semya Rock
Tyler Roogez
JessiAnne Rooms
Destany Roselle
Megan Sadeghy
Kevin Salazar
Angie Santillan
Josh Schultz
Emily Scott
Dahlia Shadid
Phoenix Shepherd
Sylvia Shirley
Pedro Silva
Rick Sinnett
Mark Sisson
Virginia Sitzes
Justin Stier
Julian Stone
Rachel Stone
Alex Sun
Robyn Tatmon
Verdean Thompson
Bella Trachtenberg
Tam Tran
Alyssa Underwood
Cynthia Uribe
Jessie Vasquez
Juliana Vega
Morgan Vogt
Jerica Walsh
Jesse Warne
Jim Weaver
Julia Weaver
Ariana Weir
Tilly West
Luke Wickberg
George Wilson
Taylor Young
Lacy Youngblood
Malcolm Zachariah

Artist Vendors


Alin KHG
Bird's Eye Design
Daymaker & Co. Candles
Dry Creek Studio
ModQuad Collective
Holy Thrift
KR Art To Wear
Mack Brim
NE Property Management

OSU Printmaking
Original Brooks Book Bindery
S C Design
Sacred Earth and Fire
Sam Douglas Art
Serendipity Pottery
SilverSmith Creations
Southern Cheyenne Art
Thready or Knot


ARTSPACE Board Members

Steamroller Festival Committee


Robert Angelo
Hannah Ashford
Evan Beasley
Jennifer Bowman
Lissa Barr Shaw
Barbara Crandall
Emma Difani
Alexa Goetzinger
Erin Lawrence
Vera Mann
Chuck Peel
Patrick Reynolds
Emily Reynolds
Lynne Rostochil
Sylvia Shirley
Virginia Sitzes

Laura Warriner | Founder
Barbara Crandall | President
Robert Angelo
Mickey Clagg
Lissa Shaw
Chanda Graham
Vera Mann
Jennifer Massey
Chuck Peel
Patrick Reynolds
Lynne Rostochil
Matthew Shepherd


History of the Festival


A day of collaboration for people of all ages – young children, high school students, artists, and the general public.

The first steamroller festival held at ARTSPACE at Untitled in 2013 brought over 100 visitors to Deep Deuce with no advertising. In 2017, we reached out to local businesses and organizations to help us host a Cinco de Mayo mixology party the night before the festival, which featured live music, a meet & greet with the Big Ink artists, and food & drink from some of Oklahoma City's best establishments. With the help of our amazing artists, volunteers, sponsors and collaborators we were able to produce an all-day festival where over 60 artists we able to print and display their work. In 2018 the festival continued to expand with over 100 participating artists and 24 sponsors. Students from our Mentorship Program, college students and artists from across the state and region participated in the festival. This event continues to expand more into the Deep Deuce district, engaging more individuals in the Oklahoma art community.