2011 Monothon


Untitled's three Monothons, held in 2009 through 2011, were marathons of printmaking in the [Press] at Untitled. Each year, selected artists had two days to create several monoprints. Out of an artist's prints, the artists retained one and Untitled selected one print that would be exhibited and offered for sale at some time in the future.

Created out of the intense Monothons, the resulting collection of Untitled's prints represents an incredible, diverse compendium of printmaking in Oklahoma.

The 2011 Monothon was a juried exhibition of monoprints by artists selected to participate in a marathon of printmaking in the [Press] at Untitled. Each selected artist had two days to create up to two monoprints. Out of the two monoprints, Untitled selected one print to be offered for sale in a silent auction, and the artists retained the second print.

33 artists were selected out of the call for entries by a panel of jurors. The selected artists were given an option of 3 different weekends during which to print in the print studio.

Michelle Junkin, Nick Bayer, Katherine Liontas-Warren, Martin Hallren, Bryan Boone, Jacqueline Zanoni de los Santos, Rebecca Dierickx-Taylor, Michael Cross, Michelle-Himes McCrory, Harolyn Long, Matthew Hilyard, Brooke Rowlands, Brandi Downham, Bert Seabourn, Asia Scudder, Adrienne Day, Mary Tevington, Josh Heilaman, Chad Mount, Trent Lawson, Christina Pickard, Robin Orbach Starke, Betty Bowen, Conde Curratt, Julia Ayres, Stacey Miller, Dustin Mater, George Wilson, Regina Murphy, Ginna Dowling, Amber Bailey, Kate Rivers & Cameron Lewis