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ARTSPACE at Untitled seeks motivated individuals for internships in one or more of the following areas: arts administration, IT, art education, public relations, curatorial management, art history, professional writing, development, exhibition and gallery protocol, and fundraising.  Internships are available for college credit during the fall, spring and summer semesters. Interns may be undergraduate, graduate students, or recent graduates. Opportunities are competitive and offer invaluable practical experience in the arts and nonprofit management. 


  • Ability to work both independently and collaboratively

  • Possess strong writing and organization skills

  • Have a passion for the arts

  • Have working knowledge of Apple computers, Microsoft, and Adobe products

  • Ability to work sixteen hours a week 

  • Ability to attend all or most programming throughout the semester

2019 Fall internship opportunities now open!
applications due: October 3rd, 2019

PR/Social Media intern

program/HIVE intern

Studio Intern

Administrative Assistant Intern

Application Instructions

Interested applicants should send a cover letter specifying their area of interest, summer or semester preference and resume to or:

ARTSPACE at Untitled
Internship Application
1 NE 3rd St. 
Oklahoma City, OK 73104

Tel:  405.815.9995

Meet Our Intern: Kaylan Roach

Senior at Sarah Lawrence College


Q: How has this Internship helped shape you as an artist/individual?

A: I moved to New York for school and never even considered the possibility of moving back to Oklahoma permanently. My career goals have always been focused on work in the museums of New York City and elsewhere. This internship grounded me and widened my horizons in so many ways. Most importantly, it gave me a much-needed appreciation for the arts community in Oklahoma, and reminded me of the possibility of non-profit work—work that is truly rewarding. Going back to school for my final year, I feel much more prepared to fully consider every opportunity that may knock at my door in the coming months as I prepare for the professional world.

Q: What has your role been during this internship? As a vital part of the organization, how do you feel this experience has helped you grow?

A: My primary role has been to help prepare for the upcoming exhibition, Postcard Perspectives. Being so involved in the preparation for an exhibition, and in the organization itself, has opened my eyes to the many hats one can wear in the business of art. I think that realization has helped me grow and prepared me to wear a few more hats, myself. I am leaving ARTSPACE with many new skills that I am excited to put to use in the future.

Q: What is your favorite part of the Artspace community?

A: My favorite part of the ARTSPACE community is the inclusivity of it. Everyone in the community is so welcoming to people of all ages and backgrounds. I love that a person of any skill level or knowledge of art can walk in and find a place at ARTSPACE—whether through a workshop, or Community Spirit, or any other programming that is offered. The eclectic vibe of ARTSPACE creates a space that fosters creativity and learning and I have loved working in such an environment.

Q: How will you use what you’ve learned in the future?

A: After I finish my final year of college, I hope either to go to graduate school or to get a position working in a museum or gallery. Some of the things I’ve learned at ARTSPACE, like the inner workings of administrative operations in a gallery setting, as well as some of the writing skills needed for a position in that setting, are crucial skills for anyone wishing to continue on to a career in arts management.

Q: What is your favorite memory from working at Artspace?

A: During one week of the summer, Mentorship students were in the studio making sculptures as part of the summer program; I loved being able to walk in the door each day that week and watch the progress of their sculptures. Generally, my role at ARTSPACE consists of administrative tasks, but one day during that week, I walked in and was asked to help make a sculpture. In all honesty, I had no idea what I was doing, but I certainly learned (and laughed) a lot! I gained a whole new appreciation for artists who work in 3 dimensions and for the value of ARTSPACE’s Mentorship program.

Q: What is your advice for future Interns?

A: My advice for future interns is to be open to every new opportunity to learn at ARTSPACE. You may walk in one day and be unexpectedly asked to help make sculptures with Mentorship students, or to do any number of other things that you may initially judge to be outside of your range of ability. Just step outside of your comfort zone and learn from every opportunity.

Meet Our Intern: Ariana Weir

Junior at University of Oklahoma


Q: How has this internship helped shape you as an artist?

A: Even though I have learned about printmaking from my classes at OU I feel like this internship has taught me even more techniques about processes that I already knew about. I have gotten to watch so many local artists teach classes in areas that I am interested in and I think my knowledge on printmaking has grown a lot because of that and I am excited to introduce all the things I’ve learned into my own practice.

Q: What has your role been during this internship? As a vital part of the organization, how do you feel this experience has helped you grow?

A: I have primarily been an assistant for workshops that ARTSPACE has hosted such as screen printing, relief, and monotype workshops. I think the experience I gained from my internship at ARTSPACE as a workshop and press assistant has helped me learn about all of the effort that goes into teaching and preparing for classes. It has also showed me all the different ways that artists teach different mediums and I have learned a lot about printmaking through helping and attending the workshops.

Q: What is your favorite part of the Artspace community?

A: All of the people I have met at ARTSPACE have been so friendly, I feel like they welcomed me right into their organization and I think my favorite part is how friendly and open their studio is.

Q: How will you use what you’ve learned in the future?

A: I will definitely use all the knowledge I’ve gained from the printmaking demos in the future to help inspire my own art. I also have learned a lot about what goes into teaching about different types of printmaking and I feel excited to possibly teach some workshops of my own in the future.

Q: What is your favorite memory from working at Artspace?

A: I think helping with workshops has been my favorite part of working at ARTSPACE. Hanging out with other young artists who teach the workshops, seeing the awesome art they produce, and getting a new perspective on the things I am already interested in and learning in school has been amazing. I would definitely say all the time I have spent in the studio with other ARTSPACE members and teachers have been my favorite memories.

Q: What is your advice for future interns?

A: Take advantage of all the events that ARTSPACE hosts! They are always doing something new and exciting. They have gallery openings, workshops, festivals, and more. You can learn a lot just by attending and paying attention to what goes on so I would say try to go to as many of the events as possible.