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impacting over 100 students every year, The Mentorship Program exists to transform students’ lives through art and to prepare them for a dynamic academic and professional future.

Each month of the school year, Oklahoma City Public School students visit Artspace’s studio to create, learn and experiment with art. With the help of our Education Director and local artists who serve as program mentors, this free program prepares Oklahoma students for a future of possibilities through an interdisciplinary art curriculum. We incorporate art history, theory, and contemporary art trends into the curriculum, prioritizing an active dialogue and participatory atmosphere. The Mentorship Program takes into consideration our 21st century context of digital media and visual culture. 


"This program has taught me to think outside the box and to try my best at new things. I can use this in almost anything like school or future careers." - santa fe south student


The Mentorship Program does not replace the classroom. This program started as ARTSPACE’s outreach efforts to schools to provide students an experience beyond traditional academia. We connect young minds to a flourishing art community in Oklahoma City and beyond. Entirely free to students and teachers, this program is funded through ARTSPACE’s resources and generous community support. 

Students participate in activities like printmaking, woodblock carving, digital media, and preparing art works for the annual Mentorship Exhibition and Steamroller Print Festival. These two events provide extraordinary exposure for students, connecting them to a larger art community. 

The Mentorship Exhibition during Youth Arts Month in March showcases exemplary works from students with a formal exhibition in all ARTSPACE’s galleries. Students learn how to frame, hang, light, and write about their works, while receiving vital exposure in the juried exhibition.

The Steamroller Print Festival each spring features the printing of student and local artists’ large-scale wood block works. This festival is a community block party in collaboration with downtown Oklahoma City businesses. During each festival students interact with art professors, college students, and professional artists while helping in the printmaking process. 


Current Schools Served:

Astec Charter School | Capital Hill High School | Douglass High School | Emerson Alternative Education | Emerson South Alternative Education | John Marshall High School | Mission Academy | Northwest Classen High School | Santa Fe South High School | Southeast High School


"With a lifetime of teaching art, this is one the most exciting and authentic art promotes and grows art from the heart!" - mission academy teacher


Thank you to our sponsors and collaborators
who have made this mentorship program and its exhibition possible

Oklahoma state arts council
 zarrow family foundation
barr foundation
bill goldston
riccarda de eccher
joe & laura warriner
visionary oklahoma women
chuck peel

2019 Mentorship Summer Program


During the school year, our Mentorship program primarily focuses on two dimensional pieces. However, during the summer we expand our programming through 3D sculpture. Each student who participated in our summer program received a minimum of 35 hours of hands-on instruction in sculpture planning and building techniques.


This outdoor installation is the final product of our week-long Mentorship summer program. Students also learned to navigate through disposable culture, questioning the true value of objects and recycling them to create profound meaning by giving discarded objects a new life.

Leading this summer program was John Wolfe, a local painter and sculptor whose work can be seen at JRB Gallery. Steel structures were created by local artist Dan Garrett. The participating students had multiple artist mentors throughout the week.

Camp Mentors:
Alexa Goetzinger
Dan Garrett
John Wolfe
Samantha Kickingbird
klint schor
Joe Slack


2019 Mentorship Summer Program

Video Recap


Meet the Campers: