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fluvial terra by megan singleton
Sept 7th - oct 28th
main gallery

Fluvial: adj. of or found in a river
Terra: n. land or territory

"Central Oklahoma’s iron rich red earth poised against a vast blue sky is a unique and striking characteristic of this region.  As I traveled west from Missouri into Oklahoma earlier this year I was captivated by the richness of the red and copper colored dirt cascading across the land and rushing through the rivers that I crossed.  As an interdisciplinary artist, I create works that resonate with the materiality and rhythms of the natural world. Throughout my creative process I employ techniques that crisscross the boundaries of contemporary craft, sculpture, and installation. Fluvial terra is a place-based exhibition utilizing local soil and plant fibers to create interpretations of the landscape and invasive flora found in Oklahoma..." - Megan Singleton

Megan Singleton is a practicing artist and educator located in St. Louis, Missouri. Her ecology-based work crisscrosses the boundaries of contemporary craft, combining sculpture, hand paper making, installation, and digital applications.  She received her MFA in Sculpture from Louisiana State University and BFA in Photography from Webster University. She actively exhibits nationally and internationally, her work can be found in the collections of the Louisiana Art and Science Museum, the Robert C. Williams Paper Museum, as well as numerous private and corporate collections. 

Opening Reception: Thursday, September 7th from 5-8pm


Megan Singleton Lecture at 21c Hotel
Thursday, September 21st from 6:30-7:30PM

Wendy Jehlen performance at 21c hotel
Saturday, September 23rd from 7-8pm

from plant to paper to page
workshop with megan singleton
Friday, september 22nd - Sunday, September 24th
9am-5pm each day

kelly campbell berry
Sept 7th - oct 28th
[Press] Gallery

Kelly Campbell Berry was born in 1964 in Gilbert, AZ and has lived in Bethel Acres, OK since 1989. She was raised by two artistic parents and has always had an appreciation for the arts. In 2006, the Berry family lost their home to fire. Two antique books were salvaged from the rubble. In her desire to resurrect the beauty in the books, her first book sculpture was born. Since then, Kelly has been featured in many magazines and publications as well as blogged around the world. Most of her work is commissioned book sculptures and she has had clients from Brazil, England, Ireland, Italy, Canada, Hungary, Singapore, Germany, and across the United States.

"Being a scarred woman, I seem to gravitate toward the damaged and discarded... Now I search out the illustrated books headed to the waste bin and give them a new way of telling their story. After repairing or rebinding, I cut away all but the illustrations. The end result is bringing the book to life; telling the story visually. I never know what a sculpture will look like when I start. Each book seems to transform itself. I've had many people accuse me of destroying a good book. But I beg to differ.  No good book should go to waste. No matter how scarred, it still has a story to tell."

- Kelly Campbell Berry

Opening Reception: Thursday, September 7th from 5-8pm

a history of [artspace]
nov 16th - dec 30th

[Artspace] at Untitled celebrates the 20th anniversary of its first exhibition and its birth as a source for contemporary art in Oklahoma with an exhibition about where we've been and where we're going. More information coming soon.

Opening Reception: Thursday, November 16th from 5-8pm


for the love of...
a celebration of 20 years of art
benefitting [artspace] at untitled
tickets available soon