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Our [AIR] program includes a national residency BY invitation and local residencies By APPLICATION

We offer three residency opportunities for local artists who are interested in expanding their practice through printmaking.

The application deadline for 14-week residencies are due December 1st. Notifications will be made December 7th.

14-Week Artist Residency (oPEN to Various mediums)
Deadline: December 1st, 2019

This residency is open to local artists with no printmaking knowledge required. Our working studio provides a space for multiple disciplines and this residency is available to both those who wish to pursue printmaking or other mediums.

Spring 2020: January 14th – April 28th

Summer 2020: May 19th – August 25th

Fall 2020: September 8th – December 15th

In your application please email recent work samples that exemplify your talent in your proposed medium and a current resume that includes a link to your website after you complete the form below. There are three residency opportunities for local artists who are interested in expanding their practice through printmaking. Please let us know which time period you are wanting to apply for. Feel free to email us at if you have any questions.

  • Artist will commit to spending 20 hours a week utilizing our equipment in the ARTSPACE studio to complete their projects. The 20 hours must be during normal operating hours, Tuesday-Saturday 10am-6pm. However, the studio is always open to the Artist in Residence during after hours programming. Agreements must be met or the residency is subject to termination.

  • Agrees to teach either a workshop or host a lecture concerning processes and methods they are utilizing in their own work.

  • If the resident completes their requirements, they will be given the opportunity to exhibit in our PRESS gallery.

  • Artist will be expected to complete an edition of 40 prints, 11” x 14” in size. The edition will be split 50/50 with ARTSPACE. The print edition for the 14 week resident does not have to be their main focus, but it must be an original idea that corresponds with the body of work they are producing during their residency. ARTSPACE covers all the costs of the edition.

  • This can be a collaborative residency, but you must apply as a collaboration if you are wanting more than one artist to work on your ARTSPACE edition. 

  • Preference will be given to educators for the summer residency. 

  • Preference will be given to artists with some knowledge of printmaking due to the nature of the artists working independently. 

  • The Artist in Residence has the opportunity to participate in any workshops hosted by ARTSPACE at Untitled throughout the duration of their residency. 

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Residency opportunities are open to Oklahoma artists 21 years of age or older, showing a strong professional working history. Primary interest is visual arts with a focus on multidisciplinary approach to printmaking and works on paper. Local based artists seeking a residency must submit a complete application including a residency project proposal, recent work samples and current resume. All applications will be sent to an out-of-state printing house to determine selection. The application deadline for 14-week residencies are due December 1st. Notifications will be made December 7th.

Artists applying to ARTSPACE at Untitled’s residency program should not be enrolled in an academic program during the residency timeline. Applications consisting of small collaboratives (2-3 total members) are eligible to apply. Each artist included in the collaborative must submit a resume.

Artists in Residence are encouraged to participate in other public programming by providing the public a glimpse into their process through demonstrations, workshops, talks and an exhibit in the Press Gallery. Local artists have the opportunity to work alongside our national and international visiting AIR.


The visiting artist program is by invitation only, bringing national and international artists to Oklahoma City in an effort to benefit the local community. ARTSPACE at Untitled introduces these artists to the local arts community by hosting public events, lectures and workshops and providing a collaborative studio experience between both local and visiting artists. 


  • James Bailey | Missoula, MT

  • Carol Barton | Philadelphia, PA

  • Laura Berman | Kansas City, MO

  • Patrick Brophy | Nass. Ireland

  • Nick Bubash | Pittsburgh, PA

  • Ying Kit Chan | Louisville, KY

  • Petah Coyne | Brooklyn, NY

  • Martin Delabano | Dallas, TX

  • Tim Dooley | Cedar Falls, IA

  • Eve ensler | New York City, NY

  • Bill Goldston | Bay Shore, NY

  • Mark Fox | New York, NY

  • Brad Ford Smith | Dallas, TX

  • Billy Hassell | Fort Worth, TX

  • John Hitchcock | Madison, WI

  • Richard Hull | Chicago, IL

  • Karen Kunc | Omaha, NE

  • Abby Leigh | NYC, Ny

  • Jesús Moroles | Rockport, TX

  • Sam Reveles | El Paso, TX

  • Jay Sullivan | Dallas, TX

  • Philip Van Keuren | Dallas, TX

  • Wayne White | Los Angeles, CA

  • William T. Wiley | Marin County, CA

  • Aaron Wilson | Cedar Falls, IA

  • Jesse Small | Kansas City, MO

  • John-Paul Philippe | Sharon, CT

  • Christine Sefolosha | Montreaux, Switzerland

current local air: Ric Miller


Artist Statement:

My original artistic practice was painting starting in high school, but I took a lot of years off after college to pursue a graphic design career. Stacks of logos and letterhead, brochures and billboards later, I did it all and won some graphic design awards while playing the corporate game. I started painting again after years as a graphic artist for relaxation. My paintings now reflect my moods, some conversations and miscellaneous concepts that roll around in my head. These ideas sometimes need to be explored. My work is generally very graphic, because of my profession. My creative process involves several factors coming together. I constantly rip pages out of publications with interesting/unusual color combinations. These torn pages become my painting color palate. I pair this with an idea in my head involving positive/negative shapes and areas on the canvas.

As the ARTSPACE Artist in Residence, my goal is to discover and highlight the space between objects and areas of the visual composition. I want to combine the skills I’ve learned in acrylic painting with the “to be discovered” printmaking process to achieve this. I propose adding acrylic and ink color to the surface and then utilizing the press to remove/or partially mask, large areas of color to form spaces between. The limited exposure I’ve had to printmaking has shown me that heavy ink application can completely mask the underlying color surface beneath and a lighter application of ink over a colorful surface leaves the slightest color tone. I plan to spend time in the application of color to my paper surface utilizing acrylics and ink, then using the presses to achieve the masking and partial masking of shapes and areas. I do not plan to register these areas, and let the process guide me. I feel that the printmaking processes will bring a new dimension to my work that I would not otherwise be able to achieve.