a hiding place: a collaborative exhibition


July 28th - September 24th

A Hiding Place. It can be a rest stop or a generator stop, a place to recover and perhaps uncover. Poets and artists all have one, if not physically, then metaphorically. Perhaps everyone if asked could make a rendering or tell of such a place. This exhibit is a dialog beginning with a poet's voice and then calling forth an artist's remix, and response. You are invited to this collaborative exhibition in hopes you, too, will discover something hidden, and now made communal in the open light.

"In all creative work there is a moment when something stirs. A voice or vision longs to come into the light. The visual artist and the poet have this in common. We share this creative impulse. Each of us, in various ways, must confront the hidden and finally illuminate what we have found in solitude.

In this project, we contemplate the notion of hiding places. A hiding place may be a refuge with an implicit threat surrounding it. A hiding place can reside in the midst of chaos or it may be that chaos is where one hides. Why, these poets ask in singular ways, does a hiding place have such power? How, these artists respond, are we to see it and therefore comprehend and direct that power?

As children we all played hide and seek. We learned through that game: the stillness of hiding and the necessity of being found. Both are essential to living the communal life. this collaborative project expolores these themes through poetry and art. We have generated a creative conversation of the senses, of image and movement and language, so that what is hidden can be known." 

- Jane Vincent Taylor, Poet and Curator

Quaraysh Ali Lansana | Jeanine Hathaway
 Julia McConnell | Ben Myers | Chad Reynolds | Daniel Simon | Anita Skeen | Jane Vincent Taylor

Visual Artists:
Cynthia Adler | Ashton Kohl Arnoldy | Sarah Atlee  Marjorie Atwood | Bryan Boone | Sarah Clough | Bryan Dahlvang | Nathan Evans | Derek Fitzpatrick | Laura Kent | Erin Latham | Bethany Lee | Katherine Liontas-Warren | Cindy Mason | Beatriz Mayorca | Sunni Mercer | Michelle Metcalfe | Ric Miller | Marissa Raglin | Connie Seabourn | George Wilson | Liz Wilson | Claudia Wylie