Dinner in the Deuce


January 11 - February 21, 2008

Art met function at Dinner in the Deuce at [Artspace] at Untitled. Referencing the historic Deep Deuce neighborhood where the gallery is located, this unique exhibition experience included over a dozen themed dinner tables created by artists from Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas. The exhibit showcased how practical objects can be viewed as artistic sculpture. The artists handcrafted everything from the silverware to the chairs and the tablecloths, and their work blended the ingenuity and design that can be brought to everyday life. By bringing together a variety of artists to a single project, viewers saw how various artistic forms interact and how each artistic technique contributes to a cohesive setting. 

"In 2008, Oklahoma is celebrating the Year of Creativity, which provides Untitled [ArtSpace] the opportunity to present an exhibition of unique dining ensembles as its first show of the New Year. 

Dinner in the Deuce begins by recognizing our location. Untitled [ArtSpace] is located near the heart of "Deep Deuce," the original section of Oklahoma City inhabited by Black Americans and an important contributor to the rise of creativity in the area especially amongst notable authors and musicians. Dinner recognizes the meal and thus 'the art of dining.' Art meets function as an array of architects, artists, and designers worked in a collaborative effort to design themed dinner tables as artistic sculptures. The groups handcrafted everything from tableware to tablecloths, flatware to glassware, tables to chairs, and their ingenuity blends art with everyday function. 

Untitled and Deep Deuce are experiencing a renaissance. Hundreds of new living spaces are being developed and built. One of the artists in this installation has installed a new, permanent outdoor sculpture just one block east of our location which compliments the new brownstones. I hope that Untitled [ArtSpace] will continue to be a catalyst for contemporary art in Deep Deuce and in central Oklahoma. We certainly can enjoy the opportunity to make these contemporary art connections that will improve the quality of life across the area."

- John Seward

Klint Schor, Mike Mays, Michael Hoffner, Rachel Mosman, Kyle Golding, Elisa Cossey, Denise Duong, Matt Seikel, Kelly Gale Amen, Jane Ford Aebersold, Kim Clark Renteria, Elyse Bogart, David Wanzer, Brett Johnson, Eddie Myers, Andrea McMillan, Rachel Carpenter, Kjelshus Collins, V'Lou Oliveira, George Wilson, Hugh Meade, Elizabeth Brown, Suzette Hatfield, Charleen Weidell, Ann McDermott, Kathy Reynolds, Barbara Broadwell, Margareta Grill, Jill Rumoshosky Werner, Jesus Moroles, Rick Brown, Malia Tate, Cindy Swanson, Nicki Albright, Andy Boatman, Teresa Hall, Stan Carroll, Elia Woods, Gayle Singer, Suzanne Mears, Jan Meng, Gus Tietsort, Bernie Colbert, Birthe Flexner, Brian Fitzsimmons, Joe Slack, Randy Marks, Don Narcomey, Sarah Hearn, Brooke Madden, Larry Dean Pickering, Rick Bewley, Tracey Bewley, Sue Moss Sullivan, Paul Vines, Paul Bagley