Don Narcomey's Fault Lines


September 7 - October 27, 2007

For Fault Lines, Don Narcomey created vessels based in the tradition of woodworking that include curves, bends and material imperfections, resulting in uniquely modern sculptural forms. Narcomey’s work in Fault Lines was made of found wood indigenous to Oklahoma. “I draw references from my environment as well as the materials that I work with to create a correlation between those things and our everyday lives,” Narcomey said.

Fault Lines was part of Untitled’s year of Oklahoma-related exhibitions in honor of Oklahoma’s State Centennial. 

"I guess you could say that I am a materials person. I tend to draw inspiration from the materials that I am working with, noticing how some chunk of wood or some piece of metal or slab of stone reminds me of some aspect of human experience. Lately I have found myself intrigued by materials that have defects, problems, or faults in one way or another that have to be addressed but at the same time have a tremendous amount of grace and perseverance to them. As I work with these materials I feel like I am giving them a renewed life, and the materials themselves not only tell their own story but also help me tell mine."

- Don Narcomey, artist