exquisite corpse collaborative exhibition


September 17th - october 25th

Our Exquisite Corpse exhibition aimed to follow the spirit of collaboration and inventiveness as the Surrealists.

Artists were asked to create a full, four-piece “corpse” which would later be mixed with their collaborators pieces. By letting the artists complete their individual pieces to later be used for the assimilation, we hoped to show the range of individuality and personalities of the artists, while still contributing to a playful and imaginative endeavor. Our project strived for diversity and inclusivity through the use of many mediums and practices. We also hoped to create a community connection amongst the artists.

Participating Artists:

Cynthia Adler | Mike Allen | Rebecca Bloodworth | Betty Bowen |  Janey Buxton | Annalisa Campbell | Alesa Clymer | Kjelshus Collins | Zac Davenport | Adrienne Day | Bryan Dahlvang | Amanda Barncord-Doerr | Kara Drewke | Ara Echols | Alexandra Engelman | Teddi Fokas | Barbara Ryan Gartin | Amanda Gathright | Heidi Ghassempour | Steven Goodwin | Lacy Gustafson | Martin Hallren | Gary Heerwald | Mycah Higley |Madihah Janjua | Gillian Kemper | Annaliese Koranki | Brian Landreth |  Jon Martindale | Mandy Messina | Michelle Metcalfe | Ric Miller | Regina Murphy | Hayley Olson | George Oswalt | Lexi Piper | Suzanne Randall | Alan Randolph | Gretchen Rehfeld | Gloria Shows | Bennett Stookey | Sarah Story | Laura Sullivan | Michi Susan | Kelly Temple | Suzanne Thomas | BJ White | George Wilson |  Jenny Woodruff | Claudia Wylie & Julie Yang