Frances Bagley's Echoes


May 7 - July 10, 2004

Frances Bagley showed works from Echoes, a series involving foam sculptures draped in fabric resembling organic form. Bagley stated, "With this work I hope to evoke feelings of cultural déjà vu laced with thoughts of tomorrow. In an open engagement with the past and with a questioning view toward the future, I am looking backwards and forwards at the same time."

These latest works incorporate my interests in form and fabric.  I have always been fascinated by the image of a room full of furniture covered with dust cloths for the off-season.  This work extends that memory to the use of animal and human forms instead of furniture. In draping these forms you know what is under the cloth, but its identity is obscured.  The draped fabric abstracts and alters the form making the obvious become mysterious, humorous or frightening.

There is also an interesting challenge in working specifically with cloth because each piece comes with an attitude.  We are all familiar with cloth.  We wear it, we live with it, we sleep on it and we are never without it. It reflects our society and our prejudices. A piece of cloth can trigger a wide range of responses because of the subjectivity built into the color, texture, weight and feel of the fabric.  The same cloth can seem sleazy to one person while it can seem elegant to another.

Equally exciting for me is the energy of form.   I am using iconic human and animal forms in response to issues of behavior, expression and social preconceptions of identify. I often reference figures in art history while altering and interpreting them.  It is my effort to allow echoes of the past to reveal glimpses into the future.  

- Frances Bagley, artist