Kennedy and Violich Architecture, Ltd.: Portable Light 


March 10 - April 22, 2006

PortableLight was a collection of high concept lighting prototypes, created by KVA Kennedy & Violich Architecture, LTD. 

PortableLight is a multidiscipline project that aims to create and execute new models of providing power and light to the nearly 2 billion people of the world without access to energy grids. At the same time, they offer a cleaner and more flexible alternative for more developed nations. The prototypes use high brightness solid-state lighting (HBLEDs), which means a single diode powered by a small solar panel can provide light enough to read and work even as daylight fails. For the sake of practicality, the technology has been developed into a textile, creating a cost effective, completely portable, off-the-grid light engine that can be deployed at a global scale. 

Sheila Kennedy is a co-founder of Kennedy & Violich Architecture, Ltd. (KVA) which explores new relationships between architecture, digital technology and emerging public needs. In 2000, Sheila Kennedy established MATx, KVA’s pioneering materials research unit that engages teaching, writing, and applied creative production across the fields of electronics, architecture and material design.