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Fiber arts are gaining momentum among makers, as traditions are rediscovered and ancient techniques are adapted to today’s materials. Artspace at Untitled and the Oklahoma City Modern Quilt Guild present Once Old is New, an exhibition of two dozen quilts by individuals and six large-scale group quilts. These fiber artists inspire and educate the public on the art of modern quilting. 

Oklahoma City Modern Quilt Guild formed in the Spring of 2010, just as the Modern Quilting movement’s first fire swept the country, fanned by the increasing popularity of new photo-sharing apps and simple, user-friendly blogging platforms. Innovative fabric designers emerged and manufacturers answered the call of a young generation of ‘sewists’ who demanded a youthful and graphically exciting palette of fabric patterns for their new hobby. 

OKCMQG came together as mostly new quilters who were swept up in the enthusiastic vigor of this modern movement. As the guild grew over the past eight years, more quilters from a variety of backgrounds joined.


Each brought wide ranges of technical expertise, yet all agreed on one premise: the need to express a modern aesthetic in quilted pieces. 

This exhibition challenges the notion that quilts are antiquated items of bygone eras, demonstrating the diverse possibilities of modern fabric arts. Artists use fiber to amalgamate artistic form and practical function with bold colors, varying shapes and intricate patterns. Exhibition artists include Agnes Stadler, Ann Solinksy, Ann White, Beth Furnish, Chantry Banks, Debbie Wanzer, Sarah Atlee, Elizabeth Richards, Karen Oyerly, Melissa Sullivan, Trish Maxwell, Bob Peel, Cameron Potter, Jennifer Magnus, Diane Cerny, Shirlene Davis and Vicki Medlin.

Once Old is New is one facet of a convergence of fiber arts events around Oklahoma City, including exhibitions, workshops, demonstrations, and presentations making up this year’s “Summer of Fiber” series. From June to August, the Guild will host a series of exhibitions, workshops and demos across Oklahoma on a variety of quilting techniques, encouraging community collaboration in the fiber arts. 

Summer 2018 Fiber Exhibitions in Oklahoma:

  • Oklahoma City Museum of Art: Isabelle de Borchgrave: Fashioning Art from Paper

  • Oklahoma Contemporary: Chiyoko Myose: Sojourning

  • Individual Artists of Oklahoma: Fiberworks 2018 40th Anniversary Exhibition

  • 108|Contemporary: Consuelo J. Underwood: Thread Songs from the Borderlands

  • Oklahoma State University Museum of Art: Layered Voices

  • Oklahoma Christian University: Quilting Tomorrow’s Heirlooms: Edmond Quilt Guild 2018 Exhibition

Once Old is New Events & Workshops:


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