Skyline ink animation studios presents Arttech: 15 years


july 16th - august 16th

[Artspace] at Untitled is proud and excited to present ARTtech: 15 years, an exhibition from Skyline Ink Animation studios. This diverse and cutting-edge exhibit will mark the 15-year anniversary of the Oklahoma City based studio. Skyline Ink has worked with major companies and cities world wide, while keeping a strong local presence by working with many homegrown businesses and institutions. Their technical and artistic skills provide visualization to ideas and imaginings. 

From tempera paintings and furniture art to computer animation and an interactive mechanical sculpture, ARTtech: 15 Years highlights the creative work of Skyline Ink. A 45-foot tri-screen projection will immerse viewers in architectural animation, and multiple screens will feature the compelling architecture stories Skyline has shared through both recent and older work.

The group's latest creative exercise takes center stage with a large-scale particle machine. The suspended system creates particle patterns based on interactive cameras. Videogame technology merges with classic electronics and handcrafted mechanics, using familiar art materials for a visual, auditory and interactive experience. A wave of the viewer's hand directs ports to open, allowing tiny glass beads to flow in varying patterns. Materials range from walnut and brass to electronics and wiring.