Strange tide

danny joe rose III


saturday, jan. 13th, 6-9pm

ON VIEW November 16th - December 30th

Danny joe rose iii was the local artist in residence for artspace at untitled starting in august 2017. he is a practicing artist and educator located in oklahoma city and an instructor of graphic design at oklahoma city university. rose has completed several artist residencies nationally and internationally, and is represented by the jen mauldin gallery in dallas, texas.

The works in Strange Tide serve as memories of places Rose has been and places that emerge; through a combination of automatic drawing and painting. Though abstract, he sees these places and the shapes interacting within them to be very human. They need and rely on each other, otherwise they would fall apart. The process of creating them often reveals traces of older shapes and colors; through texture and under painting.

For Rose this provides a visual history or a “map” of the work and enables the viewer to trace their origins. This body of work was created during the first six months of Rose’s return to Oklahoma. Part of the work was created in his studio, while other parts were created while he was an Artist in Residence at ARTSPACE at Untitled. The works on paper grew from daily experiments with monotypes, oil pastel, and collage. As they began to accumulate, Rose realized these to be “blueprints” for paintings.

This process led him to painting the Strange Tide installation, and the accompanying canvas works and wood panels. Also included in the exhibition is Rose's screen print titled Pieces of the River which he completed as part of his residency at ARTSPACE.

throughout rose's work there is a focus on place. his colorful abstractions are infused with the play between spontaneity and perfection. The shapes and forms that develop as he creates the pieces are reminiscent of the different environments where rose has visited or lived.

Due to the nature of the studio space known as the [Press] at Untitled, Rose found himself working alongside former Artist in Residence, BJ White, who has been a member of the [Press] since her residency in 2013. Rose and White seamlessly collaborated and envisioned exhibitions in which their pieces would complement and supplement each other. ARTSPACE at Untitled is excited to debut Strange Tide alongside BJ White's I-35 Toy Trucks and also Allen Bourne's Oxidation photography series.


PRESS Gallery

I-35 Toy Trucks by BJ White

BJ White was the local Artist in Residence for ARTSPACE at Untitled in 2013. She is a working artist and educator from Oklahoma City. White received her MFA from the University of Oklahoma, and is still practicing art in Oklahoma City. She has participated in several regional artist residencies, and has been recognized for Who’s Who in American Art among many other awards.


White’s latest series I-35 Toy Trucks developed through a common observation. While waiting outside during her granddaughter’s voice lesson she counted sixty industrial trucks pass by. This observation fed into White’s constant source of inspiration: the interaction between man and environment. White’s past work, from abstract paintings depicting man-made marks on the earth’s surface to the construction and painting of habitats have led to this series, which relates to and embodies much of that work; monoprints using the backs of existing industrial trucks as models for the patterns.

The scale of these prints has informed the title of the series. The brightly colored layered shapes are reminiscent of the toy trucks children often play with. To envision these prints as toys rather than huge industrial trucks diminishes the situation to one that seems more palatable and less dire.

White recalls the day she sat watching one truck after another, contemplating how much fuel it took to pass that point, and how much more it will take to reach the destination; “Eighteen wheeler’s hauling goods on ant-like highways and interstates. Dump trucks filled with dirt, rock, construction and demolition debris. Container trucks filled with a variety of liquids. Trucks with flatbed trailers loaded with lumber, pipes, and mysterious tarp covered items. Man’s sprawl across the landscape continues with oversize load congestion.”

We are happy to collaborate with Aloft OKC where a separate installation of White’s work is on display throughout the first floor. These works also explore environmental issues such as urban sprawl and habitat loss, which stem from her early life as an only child where nature and art were key figures. The result is multiple layers of color, images, and textures representing the diversity and staccato rhythm of life.

Library Gallery

select works by allen bourne

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 4.50.34 PM.png

Allen Bourne is a Texas-based artist who grew up in the plains of Northern Oklahoma. An early interest in the communication arts led to studies of photography and a degree in advertising in college followed by a career in ad agencies and corporate marketing.

Bourne views nature as the most true and powerful artist and intends to capture its most compelling moments, whether in the landscape or displayed on man’s creations, to provide a survey of color, form, and texture.

His current series, Oxidation, reveals the unique colors, textures, and shapes of chemically altered oil and other types of storage tanks across remote areas of Texas and Oklahoma.

Though inspired over the years by the sculpting and painting of the masters, primarily the abstractionists, Bourne chose the camera as his brush. His photos of industrial tanks in various stages of transition find in them the colorful palettes of 20th century painters such as Still, Rothko, Louis, and Kiefer.


Art Forum:
Danny Rose, BJ White, & Allen Bourne Panel Discussion

Thursday, Feb. 3rd, 4-5pm