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janet o' neal
one thousand tears
sep 6 - oct 13

Janet O’Neal is a 32 year veteran of the Santa Fe and Oklahoma City art scene. O’Neal is transitioning from commercial work to conceptual multimedia work with a major solo exhibition titled “One Thousand Tears” debuting at Artspace at Untitled. “One Thousand Tears” will be a multimedia exhibit and installation, including printmaking, mixed media photography, large-scale sculptures, and an installation of one thousand cast resin teardrops. In this exhibition, O’Neal extends her “Transformation” series about her brother’s life and death, while exploring universal themes of grief, loss, and the healing process.

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exquisite corpse
oct 31 - Nov 24

Artspace at Untitled's Exquisite Corpse aims to follow the spirit of collaboration and inventiveness of the surrealists and bring together Oklahoma's community of artists for an assembled-art exhibition.

63 individual pieces of the corpse were transformed and customized by over 40 local artists. The black body outlines created by a selection of artists beforehand serve as the only constant or "thread" that ties the unique corpse pieces together.

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