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Main Gallery

Strange tide
by Danny Joe Rose III
Jan 13 - Feb 17

A bold & distinctive collection of paintings and mixed media prints made by Danny Joe Rose III both before and during his time as [Artspace]'s Artist in Residence.

My work is deeply rooted in the natural world, combining nature and abstraction. Using mediums of paint, digital, performance and sculpture. My paintings usually start from a quick sketch. I draw in an automatic way, allowing shapes and compositions to arise freely. The places that emerge in my work are loosely based on places I have been and places I have created.


[Press] Gallery

I-35 toy trucks
BJ White
Jan 13 - Feb 17

A collection of work by former Artist in Residence and local artist BJ White.

"The interaction of man and the environment has continually been an influenced in my work. From the abstract paintings of man's marks on the earth's surface to the constructions and paintings of habitats, and now, monoprints and paintings of the backs of trucks. Eighteen wheeler's hauling goods on ant-like highways and interstates. Dump trucks filled with dirt, rock, construction and demolition debris.  Container trucks filled with a variety of liquids. Trucks with flat bed trailers loaded with lumber, pipes, and mysterious tarp covered items. Man's sprawl across the landscape continues with oversize load congestion."

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Oklahoma Arts Council Archive
feb 22 - Mar 17

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2nd annual mentorship exhibition
mar 22 - apr 20