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unquenchable search
Jul 27th - Aug 18th

Join us on Thursday, July 27th from 5-8pm for the Opening Reception of Unquenchable Search, an group exhibition by Marc Barker, David Crismon, Tony Dyke, Susan Morrison-Dyke, George Oswalt, Klint Schor and John Wolfe.

Unquenchable Search is an exhibition dedicated to Oklahoma City artists that have been prolific for several decades. This group of artists formed because of a similar approach to creating work alongside a need for constant dialogue and constructive criticism. They continue to push and inspire each other as they explore their boundaries as artists and individuals. The pieces in this exhibition are meant to convey how these artists have been working for a lifetime, and yet they are still searching, pushing and working through their unique ideas. Each artist in this show values a tangibility in both their work and social interactions that one is unable to obtain through a screen; which often leads to a disconnect between the younger generation of artists in Oklahoma City. The works within Unquenchable Search are visual references to past conversations. These pieces are meant to be viewed in person, because art, like conversation, is about the presence of life.  

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megan singleton
Sept 7th - oct 21st

Join us on Thursday, September 7th from 5-8pm for the Opening Reception of an exhibition by Megan Singleton.

Megan Singleton is a practicing artist and educator located in St. Louis, Missouri. Her ecology-based work crisscrosses the boundaries of contemporary craft, combining sculpture, hand paper making, installation, and digital applications.  She received her MFA in Sculpture from Louisiana State University and BFA in Photography from Webster University. She actively exhibits nationally and internationally, her work can be found in the collections of the Louisiana Art and Science Museum, the Robert C. Williams Paper Museum, as well as numerous private and corporate collections.