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The art of Collection

Anonyma Fine Art

Jan 31st - March 16th

Opening Reception: January 31st, 5-8 PM


Artspace at Untitled is excited to debut the collection of Anonyma Fine Art, which is owned and curated by Emily Ladow Reynolds. After collecting anonymous and outsider art for more than a decade, Reynolds decided to share her passion for rescuing great art from oblivion with Oklahoma City residents. She founded Anonyma in 2016 with a mission to add another dimension to her adoptive city’s art scene. Collectors looking for older artwork, or work from other parts of the world, can view and purchase pieces by appointment at her home gallery.

This exhibition will showcase the work of artists from other parts of the world—including Cuba, India, Japan, and Europe—that did not enjoy much recognition in their lifetimes, but whose work displays talent and originality. Because the connection to the artists behind many of these pieces has been lost over time, viewers are left with questions as to the context of their creation. Reynolds believes this mystery only adds to their appeal.

In terms of collecting, Reynolds looks for artwork that elicits an instant reaction. She does not seek pieces that are conventionally pretty, rather those with composition, subject matter, or style that are unconventional. We look forward to exhibiting a selection of abstracts, portraiture, still-life, and figural pieces with a modernist feel.

Artspace at Untitled is fortunate to partner with Anonyma Fine Art for this exhibition. Our organization recognizes the need for dealers like Reynolds in Oklahoma City, and commends her curatorial efforts. We believe that Anonyma Fine Art is helping to elevate and educate our community about original fine art and its many processes. As an organization, Artspace at Untitled is committed to providing access to quality exhibitions, education programs, performances, publications, and engaging the community in dialogue and a collaborative creative experience.

Annual Mentorship Exhibition

Displaying student work from our Mentorship program

March 28th - April 27th


The Annual Mentorship Exhibition features pieces from Oklahoma City high school students that visit the Artspace studio each month. Throughout the duration of the program the students engage with locally and nationally acclaimed artists in the printmaking community as they expand their knowledge about artistic processes. This school year we were honored to collaborate with Chad Reynolds from Penny Candy Books for our bookmaking and letterpress project. Thank you to all the students, teachers, administrators, and mentors who have partnered with our organization to make this vision a reality.