2014 monothon


January 15 - February 28, 2015

More than 90 artists and amateur creatives signed to participate in the [Press] at Untitled's 2014 Monothon Exhibition. Each participant spent 1-3 days working in the printmaking studio to produce hand-pulled monotype prints. Monotype prints being a form of printmaking that can only be used once, versus most forms of printmaking which can be used multiple times.

The 2014 Monothon Exhibition represents a litany of creative individuals from Oklahoma, Texas, and New Mexico who came together to support the [Press] at Untitled through the creation of hand-pulled monotype prints, also known as monoprints.

Monotype is a printmaking processs, known as the painterly process, while a monoprint can be created in any printmaking process, but it is a work on paper that is one of a kind and not editioned (editioning is signing and numbering multiple identical prints). A monotype is created by making an impression on paper of a design painted with brushes, brayers, fingers, etc. on a surface such as Plexiglas, and can be created using one or many layers pressed into paper using an intaglio press to complete the composition.

The process was created by artist Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione who began creating monotypes sometime during the 1640's. Though, historically monotype focuses in the use of toxic oil based media the exhibited prints in the 2014 Monothon were created using non-toxic water-based inks which have experience their evolution over the last 20 years following the development of many non-toxic printmaking methods pioneered by Keith Howard, Professor and Director of the Graduate Contemporary Non-Toxic Printmaking Program at Rochester Institute of Technology.

The exhibition participants range from Untitled's mentoring of art students from Geary High School in Oklahoma, to amateurs and career arts professionals. The prints selected for the exhibition was chosen to catalog the most diverse array of creative methods. While these monoprints exemplify many different styles, as a whole, they represent the possibility that exist for any person willing to embrace the wonderful world of printmaking through the [Press] at Untitled. There is virtually no wrong way to create a monotype; its freedom of methodology is complimented by spontaneity and happy accidents which continue to lead the evolution of the form today.

Stacey D. Miller, [Press] Director


Rachel Adams | Terry Adler | Cynthia Adler | Amanda Barncord-Doerr | Marc Barker | Donna Barnard | Randall Barnes | Michael Bergstrasser | Baylie Blankenship | Rachel Bounds | Betty Bowen | Dylan Bradway | Krystle Brewer | Cameron Brewer | Anthony Bright | Cailyn Brown | Annalisa Campbell | Kristian Castleberry | Angela Renée Chaste | Pam Choate | Karen Collier | Kjelshus Collins | Glynis Crawford | Clara Curtis | Adrienne Day | Sarah Day-Short | Lorna Deaton | Charity Deaton | Jill Delozier | Jacob Doerr | Ellen Etzler | Caroline Farris | Deanna Fleck | Ariana Foote | James Gallagher | Yiren Gallagher | Erick Gfeller | Lacy Gustafson | Martin Hallren | Maureen Harvey | Michael Hendrick | Michelle Himes-McCrory | Etty Horowitz | Natalie Houtz | Joe Hudson | Gillian Kemper | AJ Kirkpatrick | Brian Landreth | Vanessa Lango | Erin Latham | Cayla Lewis | Kristie Lewis | Rebecca Lowber-Collins | Harolyn Long | Dallas Marlow | Brooke Marlow | Cindy Mason | Glenna McBride | Richard McKown | Stephanie Scott Means | Michelle Metcalfe | Stacey D. Miller | Brandi Morrow | Regina Murphy | Ellie Ness | Tia Ness | Elizabeth Newton | Janet O'Neal | Mallory O'Neill | Sandra Oliver | George Oswalt | Cacky Poarch | Laura Reese | Laurel Reynolds | Brooke Rowlands | Barbara Ryan Gartin | Kaylee Scanlan | Phoebe Sealy | Joe Slack | Angela Slack | Michi Susan | Alyssa Sweezy | Mary Tevington | Suzanne Thomas | Mairead Todd | Jeanne Turnage | Kristen Vails | Kelley Walker | Turner Watkins | BJ White | Dwe Williams | George Wilson | Robert Wright | BJ Zorn Sneed