Troy Wilson & Randy Marks: Animal, Vegetable, Mineral


May 9 - July 5, 2003

Animal, Vegetable, Mineral was an exhibition featuring new work by Troy Wilson and Randy Marks. Troy Wilson's work consisted of mixed media paintings combining images derived from nature with those of personal significance. The works by Randy Marks were large format steel sculptures suitable for display outdoors. 

"Intrigued by the childhood game of Animal, Vegetable, or Mineral, my latest work is a series of mixed media paintings incorporating imagery inspired by these categories. Questions and curiosity are inherent to the nature of this game and likewise, are an integral part of my artistic process.

I am interested in exploring the symbolic or personally significant qualities of my subjects rather than relating their representational aspects. My multi-layered canvases incorporate a variety or paints, found materials and written text to create a narrative language of symbolic imagery, open to each individual's personal interpretation.:

- Troy Wilson

"The sculptures for this show had two requirements: they were to be larger than my standard format and be suitable for outdoor display. With that in mind I went through my sketchbooks (actually, random bits of paper with crude drawings) and chose the images I most wanted to bring into three dimensional reality. Along the way, of course, things went their own way.

One design that had been waiting for a year to be made transformed itself into a totally different sculpture. Two works that were near completion got cut up and carted off to the dumpster. Another design was set aside at the last minute in favor of 'Line' which spawned 'Jesse,' which in turn determined the design and construction of every sculpture to follow. 

As my brother-in-law Brad encourages me to say anytime I have to make an artist statement: 'These are my sculptures. I like them, and I hope you do too.'"

- Randy Marks