Bees of the hive


November 19th - december 31st

hive at Untitled is our newest concept that reinforces our fervent dedication to being a conduit between local artists and a community that desires to incorporate aesthetic design in everyday life.

The revolving hand-crafted objects in this retail space symbolizes a community of individuals working separately, but towards one collective goal; a space filled with unlimited imagination allowing you to surround yourself with beauty, design and function.

The current exhibition showcases some Bees of the HIVE who have expanded their craft by creating elaborate installations, or larger works. Our hope is that these artists inspire current and future HIVE artists to explore different possibilities by removing any limitations which were self-imposed. By pairing both works in one setting, art inspires artist - and creates a world without boundaries. 

The HIVE is a movement, which is symbolized by multiple flight-inspired installations. The numerous mediums used to create the artwork in the exhibition provide a wonderful juxtaposition with each other: the use of mundane objects to create something magical alongside luxurious metals transformed to look decayed. The beauty of the HIVE lies within the variety and uniqueness of the bees who made it a reality.