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Opening Reception: Strange Tide & I-35 Toy Trucks

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Please join us for the Opening Reception of Strange Tide by Danny Joe Rose III and I-35 Toy Trucks by BJ White, with select works by Allen Bourne, on Saturday, January 13th from 6-9pm.

Both Rose and White are former Artists in Residence of [Artspace] at Untitled and we are proud to present their new bodies of work in the Main Gallery and Press Gallery respectively.

In addition, we will also be displaying a selection of colorful, abstract photos by Houston artist Allen Bourne in our Library.

We are also happy to collaborate with Aloft OKC Downtown, where a separate installation of White's work will be on view on the first floor.

About Strange Tide:
These paintings serve as memories of places I have been and places that emerge; through a combination of automatic drawing and painting. Though abstract, I see these places and the shapes interacting within them to be very human. They need and rely on each other, otherwise they would fall apart. The process of creating them often reveals traces of older shapes and colors; through texture and under painting. For me this provides a visual history or a “map” of the work and enables the viewer to trace their origins. - Danny Joe Rose III

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About I-35 Toy Trucks:
The interaction of man and the environment has continually been an influenced in my work. From the abstract paintings of man's marks on the earth's surface to the constructions and paintings of habitats, and now, monoprints and paintings of the backs of trucks. Eighteen wheeler's hauling goods on ant-like highways and interstates. Dump trucks filled with dirt, rock, construction and demolition debris.  Container trucks filled with a variety of liquids. Trucks with flat bed trailers loaded with lumber, pipes, and mysterious tarp covered items. Man's sprawl across the landscape continues with oversize load congestion. - BJ White

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About Allen Bourne:
Bourne sees nature as the most true artist and seeks to capture its powerful work, whether in a landscape or through man's creation, to provide enjoyment for others and invite them to survey its colors, forms, and textures. Though inspired over the years by the sculpting and painting of the masters, primarily the abstractionists, Allen chose the camera as his brush. Allen's current series, "Oxidation", features abstract images of petrochemical tanks in various states of transition. Capturing their unique colors, textures, and shapes on his travels through remote areas of Texas and Oklahoma.

This event is free & open to the public.