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Café Society: OKC Art Scene - Past, Present, & Future

Join us on Thursday, May 3rd from 6-8pm for the second installment of our Café Society panel series discussing the past, present, and future of Oklahoma City's Art Scene.

The visual arts in OKC are booming. From emerging artists discovering their voices to veteran artists working with renewed vision and all points in between, the current creative energy and output in the Metro area is impossible to ignore.  Combined with investment from public, private and non-profit sectors, our artists are in increasingly high demand.

What’s the latest? How do we define our current landscape? Where are we heading and what are the innovations, opportunities and obstacles? 

Of equal importance, on whose shoulders do we stand? What were the forces, challenges and aesthetics that led us here? What can we learn from the successes, failures and dreams of our historical ateliers, communal studios and the avant-garde?

Through a panel series featuring a dazzlingly diverse array of artists, curators, patrons and community members, Café Society at Artspace seeks to unite generations of our creative forces and discover a more comprehensive view of the Oklahoma City Art Scene.

More details about this event coming soon.