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Home: 2018 Mentorship Program Summer Project

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Artspace is excited to host its first ever Mentorship Program Summer Project from Monday, June 18th to Saturday, June 23rd for its 2017-2018 Mentorship students!

High school students from each school were invited to participate in this week-long project in our studio where they will work with each other and be guided by local artists and teachers to create three different sculptures.

Professional artists leading this camp:
Alexa Goetzinger
Samantha Kickingbird
George Wilson
Dan Garrett
Bryan Boone
John Wolfe

Inspired by contemporary artists like Elizabeth Murray whose works pushed printmaking beyond two-dimensional art, our artists will explore sculpture’s three-dimensional qualities with the summer project students. Each student will receive a minimum of 35 hours of hands-on instruction in sculpture planning and building techniques. Students will also learn to navigate a modern disposable culture, learning the true value of objects and recycling them to create profound meaning by using found objects to create art.

Innovative art happens through collaboration, and this project will integrate students from all Mentorship Program schools for the first time! We want this experience to motivate our students to explore new ideas by working with their peers, learning from our artists, and working with new materials and supplies.

Join us on Saturday, June 23rd from 3-6pm as we unveil the finished sculptures in our garden. Enjoy snacks from Chris' Grill & Frozen Treats food truck while you meet and artists and enjoy student art!