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Keynote Lecture: New Tendencies in Modern Quilting

aw_derrick plain.jpg

Join us on Thursday, June 21st from 6-7pm as we kick off the Summer of Fiber series with a keynote lecture by Journey Quilt Company's Anne White Derrick!

Derrick will be giving a lecture on the modern quilting movement, starting with the beginnings of quilting in the United States and how those early artisans influence modern quilting today. She will also discuss other influences, including various artists and textile designs, and identify what design elements qualify a quilt as ‘modern.' All of these points will be accompanied by striking examples of modern quilts.

This event is in conjunction with Artspace's Once Old is New exhibition by the OKC Modern Quilt Guild and is free & open to the public.

Parking is available in the lot behind our building.