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Art Forum: Bryan Boone AIR

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On Thursday, August 16th from 6:30-7:30pm learn about local artist Bryan Boone and his experience as our current Artist in Residence with an Art Forum.

Attendees will get a first hand look at the pieces he has been working on during his residency in our print studio and learn about his process, inspiration, and previous projects.

"My work explores structures and systems, and our relationships with them. Subjects are set within their own complete worlds, full of backgrounds both noisy and organized.

Each piece is the culmination of multiple layers of varying translucency. Forms may repeat through layers, getting stronger, while others slowly fade into the background. Repeated designs shift between renderings, leaving ghost frames that mark the passage of time."

Learn more about Bryan here:

This event is free & open to everyone. Parking is available in the lot behind our building.