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Doodle Bugz Workshop with Erin Butler

bug 1.jpeg
bug 2.jpeg

Join us on Friday, July 27th from 10am-4pm for an all-day workshop with Austin-based artist Erin Butler! Erin is a former decorative painter who has rediscovered her creative spark amidst piles of wool, silk, and other color-filled felt-able fibers.

This workshop has been designed to give participants an introduction to both wet felting and needle felting in one fun little package! These bugs have sass, and more importantly they can go with you on any adventure you choose to embark upon. They have a little pin back, the better to perch upon your shoulder and see where they’re goin’. Be you beginner, or already experienced in the art of felting, these Doodle Bugs are little joy bringers that are just plain fun to make, and wear.

Participants should bring:

  • A towel
  • Sharp scissors
  • Small wire snips
  • Needle nose pliers.

All other materials will be provided for you to make and take home 2 bug pins!

Cost per person is $75 plus a $25 supply fee. This is an all-day class so you may want to pack a lunch or snacks.