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Intro to Copperplate Calligraphy with Wendy Fox

  • ARTSPACE at Untitled 1 NE 3rd St Oklahoma City United States (map)

Are you interested in Calligraphy? We are so excited to host an ALL-DAY workshop devoted to learning the basics of the classic favorite hand – Copperplate! Join artist and calligrapher in the studio on November 9th from 10am – 4pm.

This class will introduce you to tools used to create pointed pen alphabets. After you are comfortable with the tools you will be shown the basic strokes necessary to create lowercase letters in the copperplate style. After the basic strokes are practiced, the strokes will be combined to form letters.

Wendy Fox took her first calligraphy class in 1984.  She has attended numerous classes and workshops since that time. One of her favorite places to study is Ghost Ranch, New Mexico, where she has taken numerous classes in calligraphy and related arts for over 30 years. She has taught private students, classes and completed commissions for several clients.

Other than paper, students will furnish their own supplies: 

The following supplies can be ordered online from the Fall 2019 catalog at 

  1. Page 29                        I70       2 oz. Moon Palace Sumi                                              $  5.95 each

  2. Page 51                        H23     Speedball Oblique Holder                                 $  2.38 each

  3. Page 56                        N113   Nikko G-Nib (at least 2)                                                $  1.55 each

  4. Page 33                        P32      Canson Pro-Layout Marker Pad 9” x 12”          $14.03 each

                                      (Michael’s usually has this paper pad.) 

  5. T-shirt rag to clean nib – or something similar that does not create lint

  6. Small jar with lid (like a 2 oz pimientos jar to dip and transport ink after opening)

Intro to Copperplate Calligraphy Workshop with Wendy Fox