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Solarplate Etching with Wendy Fox

Learn about Solarplates in our studio on March 30th from 1 - 4 PM ! Solarplates were developed as a nontoxic alternative to traditional etching processes. It is a simple, safer and faster approach than traditional etching and relief printing. This process does not use grounds, acids or solvents. The plates are exposed to UV light and developed with ordinary tap water.

Wendy Fox has taken several workshops over this technique with artist Dan Weldon, who is the inventor of solarplate printing, and also Louise Grunewald. Wendy has been designing and printing solarplate cards for clients since 2012. 

This solarplate workshop will focus on the single exposure method for relief prints and will create an embossed effect. This process looks amazing with organic materials, like Wendy’s card series which features several herbs. 

Participants need to bring objects to expose their plates. Practically anything flat can be used to make an interesting plate; washers, string, a die cut image, electrical tape, leaves, flowers etc. 

Solarplate Etching with Wendy Fox