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Monotypes: Painterly Printmaking Processes Workshop with Virginia Sitzes


Join us on Saturday, May 11th from 1-4 p.m. for a "Monotypes: Painterly Printmaking Processes" workshop by local artist and PRESS member Virginia Sitzes!

This workshop is designed for anyone who has an interest in printmaking and wants to learn more. Participants will learn how to use different ink viscosities to create interesting monotype prints and will leave with several original art pieces.

Participants will learn how to:
- Operate the etching press without assistance
- Have a thorough understanding of studio equipment and tools
- Blend/mix a palette of inks to desired consistency
- Plan a composition on the printing matrix using learned fundamentals
- Effectively work on several monotypes at a time
- Demonstrate numerous ink/mordant or physical effects in monotypes
- Produce subjective imagery in multiple layer formats

$50 per person. All tools and supplies are provided.

Monotypes Workshop with Virginia Sitzes