Gloria Abella de Duncan and Ron Duncan: Life at Play


October 8 - November 27, 2004

Life at Play is a collaborative exhibit between internationally acclaimed Oklahoma artists, Gloria Abella de Duncan and Ron Duncan. Although Gloria and Ron's work differs greatly in style and approach, both exemplify the symbolic underpinnings of basic life forms. The exhibition evokes the timeless understandings of a shared human experience beyond words and languages with many contemporary undertones.

Gloria Abella de Duncan has a visual vocabulary that is all her own. Through a pastiche of her mulitlingual backround and vivid whimsical imagery her work communicates ambiguous narratives ultimately challenging the viewer to devise his or her own interpretation to a surreal disjointed plot. In Gloria's paining On Top of the World, a figure emerges from what looks like a totem, which is also common element in Ron Duncan's work.

Ron Duncan approaches sculpture with a deep understanding of ancient cultures and anthropology. His work reflects his fascination with primal vessels and forms combined with contemporary elements of texture and finish. In Ron's sculpture, Eruption, the merging of antiquity with modernity presents itself through a mix of rough surfaces and glossy finishes applied to basic sculptural forms.