presented by the photographic society of america in 2013

Perspectives serves as a complement to the exhibition of contemporary ceramic sculptures by Don Reitz and steel sculptures by Marko Kratohvil that was on view in the main galleries. Perspectives is comprised of some of the most abstract and visually engaging photographs in the PSA collection; many of which utilize alternative processes rarely seen in the current digital age of photo-making. Perspectives is the ninth in a series of ongoing exhibitions drawn from the PSA archive that came to Untitled in 2010. We are pleased to be able to present such a diversity of works from this collection.

The Photographic Society of America (PSA) was founded in 1934 to promote the art and science of photography. Its collection of over 5,000 photographic prints housed at [Artspace] at Untitled illustrate most of the processes utilized by photographers since the invention of the medium. It also includes some of the atypical examples of photographic printmaking.