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Inspiring Conversations with Jeff Krisman: Gina Hoffman, Collin The Chill One


Join us on Thursday, May 16th, from 6-7:30 PM for a free night of inspiring conversations with Jeff Krisman! Inspiring Conversations presents unique and seldom heard opportunities for the audience to connect on a human level with local artists, creative professionals, and influential, local business leaders in a longform interview format that is free of advertising of any kind.

These interviews are unscripted, in the moment, with no agenda whatsoever and provide an intimate opportunity for the audience to hear about their influences, how their work has evolved, and about formative lessons learned on their life journeys.


Artist Gina Hoffman of Oklahoma City

"...her work inspires have the potential to more fully empower people and help facilitate emotional healing and to change the way they think and feel about words that can be very "emotionally loaded."


Collin The Chill One

OKC rapper Collin The Chill One will be sharing the story of how he got started rapping as a teenager and how his craft has evolved over time. He will also speak about how this music has helped him overcome his own struggles with anxiety and why this art form is so important to him.

He will also offer some deeper thoughts about his respect for the music and culture and how he is very moved to create something fresh and different by mixing in old-school R&B and psychedelic jazz, soul, and R&B music that is informed by his love for music from the 60's and 70's.