air: artist in residence

Our [AIR] program includes a national residency BY invitation and local residencies By APPLICATION

Spring Residency:

January 16th - April 14th
Deadline to apply december 16th
Applicant announced January 6th

Summer Residency:

may 15th - july 15th
Deadline to apply april 14th
Applicant announced may 5th

Fall Residency:

august 15th - november 15th
Deadline to apply july 28th
Applicant announced august 5th


Residency opportunities are open to Oklahoma artists 21 years of age or older, showing a strong professional working history. Primary interest is visual arts with a focus on multidisciplinary approach to printmaking and works on paper. Local based artists seeking a residency must submit a complete application including a residency project proposal, recent work samples and current resume. Preference may be given to applicants who have not previously attended.

Artists applying to Artspace at Untitled’s residency program should not be enrolled in an academic program during the residency timeline. Applications consisting of small collaboratives (2-3 total members) are eligible to apply. Each artist included in the collaborative must submit a resume.

Artists in Residence are encouraged to participate in other public programming by providing the public a glimpse into their process through demonstrations, workshops, talks and an exhibit in the Press Gallery. Local artists have the opportunity to work alongside our national and international visiting AIR.


The visiting artist program is by invitation only, bringing national and international artists to Oklahoma City in an effort to benefit the local community.  Artspace at Untitled introduces these artists to the local arts community by hosting public events, lectures and workshops and providing a collaborative studio experience between both local and visiting artists. 


  • Carol Barton | Philadelphia, PA

  • Laura Berman | Kansas City, MO

  • Patrick Brophy | Nass. Ireland

  • Nick Bubash | Pittsburgh, PA

  • Ying Kit Chan | Louisville, KY

  • Petah Coyne | Brooklyn, NY

  • Martin Delabano | Dallas, TX

  • Tim Dooley | Cedar Falls, IA

  • Eve ensler | New York City, NY

  • Bill Goldston | Bay Shore, NY

  • Mark Fox | New York, NY

  • Brad Ford Smith | Dallas, TX

  • Billy Hassell | Fort Worth, TX

  • John Hitchcock | Madison, WI

  • Richard Hull | Chicago, IL

  • Karen Kunc | Omaha, NE

  • Abby Leigh | NYC, Ny

  • Jesús Moroles | Rockport, TX

  • Sam Reveles | El Paso, TX

  • Jay Sullivan | Dallas, TX

  • Philip Van Keuren | Dallas, TX

  • Wayne White | Los Angeles, CA

  • William T. Wiley | Marin County, CA

  • Aaron Wilson | Cedar Falls, IA

  • Jesse Small | Kansas City, MO

  • John-Paul Philippe | Sharon, CT

  • Christine Sefolosha | Montreaux, Switzerland

current local air: ALAN D. CAESAR

Alan Drew Caesar is returning from a near decade-long professional practice as both a printer and artist in Chicago. He is the founder of artist label Downfall Arts, which centers around social commentary of the present and past and how it can play a role in our future. He earned his BFA in 2013 from the School of Art Institute of Chicago and has since gone on to become a master printer in the medium of offset and letterpress printing. His work has appeared in publications such as The Journal of Artists' Books, Lumpen Magazine, Smoke Signal's Publication Desert Island and has been collected in the library of over 40 academic institutions including Yale, Harvard, and The Museum of Modern Art. 

First utilizing the shops Heidelberg windmill I’m proposing the How to Who Man card line, a collection of satirical comic greeting cards focused on a group of dogs as they co-exist and take part in the ever strange and chaotic human experiment we call society. As both a creative artist and printer with a strong production background, the desire to bring these images to life as greeting cards comes from a personal goal of pushing the boundaries of what is commonly perceived as a greeting card both in content, as well as, production. The end result would be to create cards of high production value that both serve their traditional function but also go beyond that to something more conceptual.

I will also be producing a number of large scale pieces in the form of displayed poster prints. These prints will be a series focusing on future environments of the midwest inhabited by animals.

My residency will be a combination of my established letterpress techniques alongside multi-layered screen printing and wood cutting. This residency will be a great opportunity for me to continue my growth as an artist, as well as, add my skills and creative knowledge to the expanding artistic community of Oklahoma City.

Artist Statement:

Someday we're going to have to sort all this out, this thing called society. We've been trying for years, hundreds in fact, maybe even thousands. I'm not saying I'm qualified or capable, hell I don't even get a discount at Denny's. I'm just a veteran of the workers class war. With all that said, we'll give our peace and if the sheep dog and wolf can someday begrudgingly drink on opposite ends of the same bar, then we've done something for the dream known as reconciliation. 

If I come up short, I'll accept guiding an art form to its evolutionary next stage. If that means the red wolf known as print becomes the coywolf of our new median age, then so be it. Our language is fluid in speech and text, and as those change, so will our mediums and our ability to reproduce art and the power and influence those reproductions have. Let's see what what wonky wolf I can make of print.