[air]: artist in residence

Our [AIR] program includes an invitation only national residency
and several local residencies

applications for our fall local residency are now open!

Deadline to apply is July 29th
residency: august 15th - november 15th
chosen applicant announced August 5th


Residency opportunities are open to Oklahoma artists 21 years of age or older, showing a strong professional working history. Primary interest is visual arts with a focus on multidisciplinary approach to printmaking and works on paper. Local based artists seeking a residency must submit a complete application including recent work samples and current resume. Preference may be given to applicants who have not previously attended.

Artists applying to [Artspace] at Untitled’s residency program should not be enrolled in an academic program during the residency timeline. Applications consisting of small collaboratives (2-3 total members) are eligible to apply. Each artist included in the collaborative must submit a resume.

Artists in Residence are encouraged to participate in other public programming by providing the public a glimpse into their process through demonstrations, workshops, talks and an exhibit in the [Press] Gallery. Local artists have the opportunity to work alongside our national and international visiting [AIR].


The visiting artist program is by invitation only, bringing national and international artists to Oklahoma City in an effort to benefit the local community.  [Artspace] at Untitled introduces these artists to the local arts community by hosting public events, lectures and workshops and providing a collaborative studio experience between both local and visiting artists. 


  • Carol Barton | Philadelphia, PA

  • Laura Berman | Kansas City, MO

  • Patrick Brophy | Nass. Ireland

  • Nick Bubash | Pittsburgh, PA

  • Ying Kit Chan | Louisville, KY

  • Petah Coyne | Brooklyn, NY

  • Martin Delabano | Dallas, TX

  • Tim Dooley | Cedar Falls, IA

  • Eve ensler | New York City, NY

  • Bill Goldston | Bay Shore, NY

  • Mark Fox | New York, NY

  • Brad Ford Smith | Dallas, TX

  • Billy Hassell | Fort Worth, TX

  • John Hitchcock | Madison, WI

  • Richard Hull | Chicago, IL

  • Karen Kunc | Omaha, NE

  • Abby Leigh | NYC, Ny

  • Jesús Moroles | Rockport, TX

  • Sam Reveles | El Paso, TX

  • Jay Sullivan | Dallas, TX

  • Philip Van Keuren | Dallas, TX

  • Wayne White | Los Angeles, CA

  • William T. Wiley | Marin County, CA

  • Aaron Wilson | Cedar Falls, IA

  • Jesse Small | Kansas City, MO

  • John-Paul Philippe | Sharon, CT

  • Christine Sefolosha | Montreaux, Switzerland

recent local [air]

sarah atlee

www. sarahatlee.com
Twitter: @sarahmakespics
Instagram: @sarahatlee
Facebook: /sarahmakespictures
Patreon: /sarahatlee

Photo by
Charlotte Bell Photography

Sarah Atlee's geometric abstractions in paint, paper and fabric are infused with the play between spontaneity and perfection. "I am increasingly influenced by modern quiltmaking, balancing the dual impulses of precision and improvisation - making perfect versus making do." She explores the pure pleasure of placing color next to color, building a composition one stroke (or stitch) at a time, and honoring artisans of the past and present by building on tradition. Atlee lives and works in Oklahoma City.

Project summary:

Just Around the Corner: Quilts and prints exploring the personal and political in the history of Oklahoma City's Deep Deuce neighborhood.

Artist Statement

During my residency, I am creating 6-8 wall-hanging quilts using deconstructed garments and other reclaimed textiles. I will also produce an edtion of prints (silkscreened onto fabric) in collaboration with [Artspace] at Untitled. I have designed these quilts and prints based on historical maps of the area, satellite imagery of Oklahoma City, and my own photographs detailing this urban environment (streets, walls, railroad tracks, etc).

Quilts, as an art form, are uniquely imbued with the memories of their makers. Across the globe, quilts are created to mark time and record history, both public and private. A quilt can simultaneously signify the history of one person and an entire people. 

[Artspace] at Untitled is located in a neighborhood with a rich history. I also live in this area, one that appears drastically different from what it was a century ago. By responding to the history and present-day character of Deep Deuce through creative work, I will gain a better understanding of my role in the evolution of Oklahoma City.