[air]: artist in residence

Our [AIR] program includes an invitation only national residency and seasonal local residencies

Spring Residency:

January 16th - April 14th
Deadline to apply december 16th
Applicant announced January 6th

Summer Residency:

may 15th - july 15th
Deadline to apply april 14th
Applicant announced may 5th

Fall Residency:

august 15th - november 15th
Deadline to apply july 15th
Applicant announced august 5th


Residency opportunities are open to Oklahoma artists 21 years of age or older, showing a strong professional working history. Primary interest is visual arts with a focus on multidisciplinary approach to printmaking and works on paper. Local based artists seeking a residency must submit a complete application including recent work samples and current resume. Preference may be given to applicants who have not previously attended.

Artists applying to [Artspace] at Untitled’s residency program should not be enrolled in an academic program during the residency timeline. Applications consisting of small collaboratives (2-3 total members) are eligible to apply. Each artist included in the collaborative must submit a resume.

Artists in Residence are encouraged to participate in other public programming by providing the public a glimpse into their process through demonstrations, workshops, talks and an exhibit in the [Press] Gallery. Local artists have the opportunity to work alongside our national and international visiting [AIR].


The visiting artist program is by invitation only, bringing national and international artists to Oklahoma City in an effort to benefit the local community.  [Artspace] at Untitled introduces these artists to the local arts community by hosting public events, lectures and workshops and providing a collaborative studio experience between both local and visiting artists. 


  • Carol Barton | Philadelphia, PA

  • Laura Berman | Kansas City, MO

  • Patrick Brophy | Nass. Ireland

  • Nick Bubash | Pittsburgh, PA

  • Ying Kit Chan | Louisville, KY

  • Petah Coyne | Brooklyn, NY

  • Martin Delabano | Dallas, TX

  • Tim Dooley | Cedar Falls, IA

  • Eve ensler | New York City, NY

  • Bill Goldston | Bay Shore, NY

  • Mark Fox | New York, NY

  • Brad Ford Smith | Dallas, TX

  • Billy Hassell | Fort Worth, TX

  • John Hitchcock | Madison, WI

  • Richard Hull | Chicago, IL

  • Karen Kunc | Omaha, NE

  • Abby Leigh | NYC, Ny

  • Jesús Moroles | Rockport, TX

  • Sam Reveles | El Paso, TX

  • Jay Sullivan | Dallas, TX

  • Philip Van Keuren | Dallas, TX

  • Wayne White | Los Angeles, CA

  • William T. Wiley | Marin County, CA

  • Aaron Wilson | Cedar Falls, IA

  • Jesse Small | Kansas City, MO

  • John-Paul Philippe | Sharon, CT

  • Christine Sefolosha | Montreaux, Switzerland

current local [air]: Danny Joe rose III

Danny Rose received his BFA from the Art Institute of Dallas in 2011. Between 2014 and 2015, Rose lived in Indonesia, teaching art and design at the Chandra Kusuma International School. Rose's work has been included at The Beeville Art Museum, Oliver Francis Gallery, The Lexington Art League and others. His solo show “The Sun Shines Blue” opened at Galleri Urbane in the summer of 2016, followed by his show “Majic Eyes,” which opened in Jan 2017 at The Eisemann Center for Performing Arts. He was an artist-in-residence at The Guapamacátaro Center for Art and Ecology in January 2017 and has been an artist-in-residence at The Moon Mansion Dallas since 2013.

My work explores places, both real and imagined. I am fascinated and mystified by nature. I use nature and its forms throughout my practice. Through image making I am able to explore any world I wish; creating and pulling from my surroundings, and allowing images to appear through automatic drawing.This project would introduce a medium that is new to me, one I have limited experience with but have admired for some time.

During my stay I would invite patrons to watch my process and discuss my progress with them. My residency would culminate into a final exhibition of prints and paper constructions, an artist talk, and a workshop. I am originally from Oklahoma, but have spent the last ten years in Texas. I recently moved back to Oklahoma and I am excited to get connected with the art community and my home.

Artist Statement:

My work is deeply rooted in the natural world, combining nature and abstraction. Using mediums of paint, digital, performance and sculpture. My paintings usually start from a quick sketch. I draw in an automatic way, allowing shapes and compositions to arise freely. The places that emerge in my work are loosely based on places I have been and places I have created.