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We believe in educating the community to the importance of arts in our everyday life and our mission is to create an environment that will inspire innovation, collaboration and dialogue.


Your donation helps fufill our mission to make contemporary art more accessible to the public


Residents, tourists and businesses flourish in an environment where innovative & interesting things are constantly happening. With your support, we can continue to provide education, entertainment, diversity and creativity to this metropolitan area that is enjoying growing prosperity. We seek sponsorship from people and entities that believe in the beauty and potential of Oklahoma City, specifically the Deep Deuce district. A thriving creative community is vital to the identity of our city, it is a driver for economic, intellectual and cultural growth. Your sponsorship ensures this can happen.

Because of the support of individuals like you, we are able to provide programming such as artist talks, lectures, panel discussions, instructional demonstrations, and exhibitions that are free and open to the public. Your gift also allows us to provide mentorships and other programming through the PRESS at Untitled.


Corporate Giving

founder | $10,000 and Above

  • One complimentary event held in the exhibition space for up to 100 guests

  • One custom team-building workshops in our print studio for up to 12 guests

  • One editioned Artist in Residence print of your choice

  • One private exhibition viewing and wine tasting for 50 people


benefactor | $5,000

  • One custom team-building workshop in our print studio for up to 12 guests

  • One editioned Artist in Residence print of your choice

  • One private  wine tasting for 50 people


patron | $2,500

  • One editioned Artist in Residence print of your choice

  • One private wine tasting for 25 people


Individual Memberships


Collector's Circle | $1,500 per year

Educational opportunities for those wanting to expand their knowledge in the value and practice of collecting art. Join us for multiple evenings where we bring in artists, studio representatives and works of art from across the country. Collector's Circle members will be given the unique opportunity to learn from experts about the artistic process and value of the works in front of them. Participants will receive one print a year from ARTSPACE's Artist in Residence editions, discounted purchases during print viewings, and admittance to exhibition previews, wine tastings and forums etc. 

example workshops

gelly plate prints | linoleum block carving relief prints | wax encaustic monotypes | collagraph embossing prints | original cards on our vandercook press | shibori textile dyeing | custom team-building event

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Thank you for your support over the years. Through your generous gifts you have helped continue our programming.


Ad Astra Foundation
Allied Arts
Barr Foundation
Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation
Fred Jones Foundation
Inasmuch Foundation
James H. & Madalynne Norick Foundation
Joe F. Warriner Trust
Johnson Family Foundation
Kirkpatrick Family Fund
Kirkpatrick Foundation, Inc.
National Endowment for the Arts
Norick Investment Company Gift Fund
Oklahoma City Community Foundation
Oklahoma Arts Council
Oklahoma Centennial Commission
Records-Johnston Family Foundation
Sarkeys Foundation
The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc.
The Kerr Foundation, Inc.
The Simmons Foundation
VOW - Visionary Oklahoma Women
William E. & Margaret H. Davis Family Fund


Accel Financial Staffing
Arrow Marketing
Brewer Entertainment
Broadway Wine Merchants
Byron’s Liquor Warehouse
Chesapeake Energy
Conner & Winters
Coop Ale Works
Downtown OKC, Inc.
Infini Tee by Mars
James Loftis Architects
Johnnie's Charcoal Broiler
Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores
McAffee Taft
Melton Art Reference Library
Oklahoma Shirt Company
Oklahoma's Credit Union
Old Russia Distillery & Spirits
Onyx Theaters

Painted Door
Phaze Concrete
Phillips McFall
Pirate's Alley
Prairie Wolf Spirits
Red Club
Rt. 66 Green Chile Kitchen
Ruedy's Auto Shop
S&S Promotions
Silver Star Construction
Southwestern Stationery
SPEEDBALL Art Products
Stillwater National Bank
The Brownstones at Maywood Park
Today Clinic
Tommy's Italian American Grill
Tom & Jerry’s Restaurant, Inc.
United Mechanical
Urban Johnnie's
Webvision Hosting
Wheeze the Juice


Bob Allee
Ann Simmons Alspaugh
Kelly Gale Amen
Gail Anderson
Robert Angelo
Marc Barker
Cara Barnes
J.W. Barnett
Lynn Barnett
Paul Barnett
Ed Barth
Dick & Evelyn Belger
DeDe and Bob Benham
Robert & Gail Benjamin
Clay & Louise Bennett
Mark Hanstein & Leslie Blair
Mike & Corey Blake
Myra Block
John & Denise Bode
Annie Bohanon
Bob & Connie Bright
Shawnee Brittan
Elizabeth Brown
Steve & Kim Bruno
Cher Bumps
Dr. Hugh & Timi Burch
Jim & Mary Ann Burdett
Donald Rowlett & Martha Burger
Jon & Cyndy Burris
Joanna Champlin
Dr. David Chansolme
Jack & Stephanie Chapman
Mickey & Debbie Clagg
James Cleaver
Gary Clinton
Mary Ann Coates
Jule Cohen
Dr. Kent & Patricia Cohenour
Jackie Cooper
Terri Cooper
Peter & Karen Delaney
Marion Briscoe DeVore
Steve & Maggie Dixon
Dr. S.A. Dean Drooby
Richard Dulaney
Susan Edwards
Elizabeth Eickman
Kent & Lea Eldridge
Irma Elliott
Rand & Jeanette Elliott
Andrew & Jane Evans
Christiane Faris
Charles A. Ferrell
Dr. R. Darryl Fisher
David & Pam Fleischaker

Birthe Flexner
Denny & Norene Flick
Stacey Ford
Mary Frates
Rod & Joan Frates
Kirk & Julie Fredrickson
Chip & Shannon Fudge
Samuel Fulkerson
John & Marsha Funk
Kamala Gamble
Billy Garrett
Mark & Jerry Gautreaux
Hardy George
Charlie & Laurie Givens
John Gladden
Diane Glenn
Dr. William C. Goad
Kay Goebel
Cher & Kyle Golding
Bill Goldston & Riccarda de Eccher
Chanda Graham
Virginia Greenberg
Gary & Rhetta Gregory
Bill & Mary Ellen Gumerson
John & Judi Hadley
Fred & Karen Hall
Kirkland & Julie Hall
V. Burns & Ann Hargis
David Harlow
Suzette Hatfield
Holly Healy
Gary Heerwald
Walt & Jean Hendrickson
John & Susan Hermes
Dannie Bea Hightower
Johnson Hightower
Jeanne Hoffman-Smith
Leslie & Cliff Hudson
David & Barby James
Bette Jo Hill
Jim & Janet Jones
Ellen Jonsson
Chris & Judith Kauffman
Christian Keesee
Konrad Keesee
Jim Keffer
John Kennedy Jr.
Marnie Davis Kennedy
Dr. Michael & Sandra Kirk
Julia Kirt
Steve & Renee Knox
George Kravis
Brad Krieger
Eric Laity
Rod Limke

James Little
Rebecca Love
Dr. & Mrs. James B. Lowe
Bob & Dahl Luttrell
Bruce & Bebe MacKellar
John Perry & Dr. Laura Mackie
Nancy Majors
Peg Malloy
Vera Mann
Steve Mason
Dr. Paul Maton
Ralph & Susan McCalmont
Katie & Aubrey McClendon
Brenda McDaniel
Anthony McDermid
Bruce McDermott
John McGuinness
John McNeese
George & Cristina McQuistion
Suzanne Mears
Stuart & Leslie Milsten
Angela Moll
Anne Morgan
Chip & Suzy Morgan
Valerie Naifeh
Debbie Nauser
Bobby & Libby Nelson
Ron & Kandy Norick
David & Mylene Ooley
Charles Oppenheim
Pat Gallagher & Doug Parr
Chuck Peel
Dr. Stan & Raina Pelofsky
John & Beverly Perri
James A. Pickel
Cacky Poarch
Frank & Lou Ann Polk
Steve Prescott
Betty Price
Roshan Pujari
Joe R. Love
H.E. Rainbolt
George & Nancy Records
Joy Reed Belt
Joseph B. Ruffin, M.D.
G.A. Rydder
Chris Salyer
Meg Salyer
Ira & Sandy Schlezinger
Fred & Pat Schonwald
John & Mary Seward
Tiffany Sewell-Howard
Ben & Shirley Shanker
Jay & Sara Jane Rose Shanker
Jim & Lissa Shaw

Ann Sherman
Matthew Shephard
Dennis & Janet Shockley
Dick & Jeanette Sias
Marni & Jay Sigmon
Pat & Susan Sigmon
Drs. Paul & Amalia Silverstein
Tracey & Suzanne Silvester
Brad Simons
Frank Simons
Joe & Angela Slack
Bob & Nancy Smith
Lee Allan Smith
Lucy N. Smith
Roy Hoffman Smith
Robert Sober
Sally Stites
Spencer & Hilarie Stone
Dr. Bob & Millicent Sukman
Michi Susan
Drew Switzer
Richard & Glenna Tanenbaum
Diana Taylor
Walter Taylor III
Robert & Marla Therrien
Linda Thorpe
Duncan Cindy Tietsort
Jim & Beth Tolbert
Ty & Lori Tyler
JD & Jenn Upton
Jane Callaway Van Cleef
Blake & Donna Wade
Margaret Walsh
Pat Vaught & Patricia Walsh
Jean Warren
Joe & Laura Warriner
Amy Weaver
Chuck & Renate Wiggin
William T. Wiley
John & Kathy Williams
Redyard Wilson
Tom & Diane Wilson
Dick & Anne Workman
Don Zachritz