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Past Exhibitions


unquenchable search

Marc Barker, David Crismon, Tony Dyke, Susan Morrison-Dyke, George Oswalt, Klint Schor, John Wolfe
July 27th - August 19th

Karen Kunc's waves of Riches

May 18th - July 15th

Sarah Atlee's Just Around the Corner

June 15th - July 15th

Oklahoma printmaking network portfolio exchange

Coordinated by Laurence Reese
May 18th - June 10th

big ink exhibition

April 20th - May 12th

mentorship program

Southeast High School, Mission Academy, Harding Fine Arts Academy, Astec Charter School
March 23rd - April 9th

ambiguous: loss & interference

Laura & Nathan Kent
January 12th - March 11th


Bees of the hive

November 19th - December 31st

Timeless moments: the images of l. diane jackon

Curated by Carol Beesley
September 29th - October 22nd

a gift from greensboro: the illustrations

Skip Hill
September 29th - October 22nd

a hiding place

Curated by Jane Vincent Taylor
July 28th - September 24th

geoethics: works by ying kit chan

May 26th - July 16th

philip van keuren: murmations

March 24th - May 14th

i.w. harper: forgotten

March 24th - May 14th

mandy messina: pass

January 22nd - March 12th

alexandra engelman: introspection manifested

January 22nd - March 12th


richard mckown: a last supper painting

November 20th - January 10th

collaborative exhibtion: exquisite corpse

September 17th - October 25th

arttech: 15 years

Presented by Skyline Ink Animation Studios
July 16th - August 16th

Rauschenberg, Ruscha, Smith, and Winters

In conjunction with ULAE
April 24th - June 24th

pencil light

May 28th - June 20th

2014 monothon

January 15th - February 28th


O. gail poole: as yet untamed

November 14th - January 3rd

Yesterday, today & tomorrow

January 10th - February 15th

Art 365: 2014





Bryan Cook, Cathleen Faubert, Eyakem Gulilat, Alexandra Knox & romy owens                                                         February 28th - May 10th



james sullivan's le corps propre

November 8th - January 4th

Mark fox: this too

August 30th - October 26th


Emily Arthur, Laura Berman, Tim Dooley, John Hitchcock, Curtis Jones (Curator), Jenny Schmid & Aaron Wilson
June 14th - August 17th

don reitz & marko kratohvil

April 12th - June 1st


Photographic Society of America
April 12th - June 1st

Stanley marcus & allison v. smith: reflections

January 25th - March 31st

The high life

Photographic Society of America
January 25th - March 31st



October 26 - January 5th

decade by decade: the 1950's & 1960's

Photographic Society of America
June 15th - September 15th

aaronhauck 6.jpg

cell phones in summer

June 15th - September 15th

decade by decade: the 1940's

Photographic Society of America
February 3rd - May 26th

reconsidering the family of man

Photographic Society of America
February 3rd - May 26th


decade by decade: the 1930's

Photographic Society of America
October 14th - January 7th

john-paul philipe: in design

October 14th - January 7th

2011 monothon

September 26th - October 1st


decade by decade: the 1920's

Photographic Society of America
July 29th - October 1st

can you see me now: photos made on phones

July 29th - October 1st

lynne stern's seen / unseen

May 20th - July 16th

art 365: 2011

Grace Grothaus, Aaron Hauck, Geoffrey Hicks, Liz Rodda, Frank Wick
March 25th - May 7th

the print

Christine Sefolosha, Michael Costello, Willis F. Lee, Jennifer Lynch, Mitchell Marti
January 21st - March 12th


monothon ii

October 15th - October 30th

2010 Creativity World Biennale

November 15, 2010 - January 8, 2011












john seward: homage to contemporary painters


jesus moroles: recent works of sculpture in granite


eve ensler: the vagina monologues